There's An App for Everything: The 6 Best Hiking Apps

If you’re into hiking, trekking, walking, or climbing; you might find these 6 hiking apps useful. Many of them can be used offline, meaning that you can be just about anywhere and benefit from their features. If you usually leave your iPhone at home when you’re out hiking, now is the time to start taking it with you! Here are the 6 best hiking apps to accompany you on your next adventure:

Gaia GPS Offline Topo Maps and Hiking Trails

If you’re afraid of getting lost on a hike, this app could be very useful. You’re able to download maps offline, so you’re never lost hiking in the United States/Canada. You can customise the app however you like, aswell as take photographs to remember your trek.

Columbia’s GPS Pal

This app has many features. It not only allows you to keep your memorable experiences safely recorded, it let’s you tag your favourite spots with photos and videos. Your route will also be tracked, along with your elevation, time, and route. When you’re done, save your path for later and share the whole experience online! Great for a Kilimanjaro climb or another of the seven summit-

Point de Vue

If you enjoy hiking higher distances and have taken the opportunity to go on a Kilimanjaro climb, this app will give you all the information you could ever want about the mountains around you. It’s very useful if you have bad weather and can’t see the summit!

EveryTrail Pro

This app allows you to take videos and pictures along on your hike to remember the experience. There are also over 400,000 hikes packed on to the app! The app is a powerful little tool perfect for anybody who loves hiking.


If all you’d like is a free app to track your hikes, MapMyHike is a good little app. There aren’t many features, this app believes that less is more when it comes to hiking apps. Simply track and log your hikes without worrying about anything else!


i.Walk is the new way to coach yourself through a hike - it’s a fitness instructor for your phone! Feel like giving up? You won’t with this app! You’ll be encouraged to push yourself and work as hard as possible to reach your goals.

Hiking can be trying, it can be dangerous, it can exciting, but above all else; it can be fun. If you’re an avid hiker, these 6 apps will make your hikes even more enjoyable than they already are, and much simpler. You’ll be able to download maps, take photos and videos, track your routes, distance, elevation, and so much more. Providing you’ve taken the proper safety precautions and trained so you’re fit enough for the kind of hike/climb/trek you’re doing, you should have a pleasant hike that gives you a great sense of achievement!

Are there any apps you find useful? Let us know in the comments!

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