8 Gardening And Landscaping Apps Every Serious Gardener Must Have

Many homeowners are now beginning to embrace the art of gardening as a hobby, a stress outlet, a method of adding landscaping appeal to their homes and to increase their property value. Whatever the reason you may have to start gardening, you are on the right path by searching for apps that can help you improve your garden no matter how small or large it may be. These apps will surely be to your advantage to create a beautiful and abundant garden.

App #1 - Get Growing

This app was designed to encourage people to grow their own food, while explaining how it is beneficial for the environment, your health and your money. If you do not know how much money you can save by simply growing your own fruit and vegetables, then this app can provide you with the estimated answers. The Get Growing app features a "how much can I save" calculator that will also inform you when it is the right time to plant and harvest. Better yet, it can also suggest recipes for your crops to help make cooking easier.

App #2 - Garden Compass

If you want expert advice on your garden, then the Garden Compass app will surely be beneficial to you. All you need to do is take a picture of the plant, pest or plant disease affecting your garden and then submit it to the Garden Advisors. They will then identify the picture for you and provide recommendations that can help solve your gardening problem.

App #3 - Pocket Garden

You can rely on this app to provide you with all the crucial vegetable gardening information that every gardener needs to know. The Pocket Garden app provides instructions on how to plant from seed, including the planting depth and spacing and harvesting season. You can also keep track of your garden using this app to make sure you never make a mistake.

App #4 - Food Gardening Guide

This app offers a comprehensive guide on how to grow your own food. You can find detailed information on how to plant, harvest and store your crops, save seeds, prevent pests and plant diseases, and cook the food that you grow. The Food Gardening Guide is an exceptional app that you must have if you are serious about growing your own food.

App #5 - Garden Minder

If you are still clueless as to how to plant fruits and vegetables, then this all in one app can help you out. The Garden Minder offers the opportunity to create and design your garden using a pre-planned garden template. It also offers an A to Z listing of all vegetables and fruits, as well as directions on how to grow them.

App #6 - Home Outside

Pre-planning in crucial in every garden, so the Home Outside app offers you the opportunity to create and design your landscape until it looks right enough for you to apply it to your garden. You can arrange trees, plants and other outdoor structures by rotating and moving the scale until you get the preferred design. "Functionality, creativity, aesthetics, usability, and sustainability are key factors when designing any landscape" says New Leaf Maintenance, so you need to be certain about how you lay out everything in your garden as it will affect the overall landscaping appeal.

App #7 - Landscaper's Companion

The Landscaper's Companion is an app that provides a planting reference for almost every type of plant. It provides valuable information such as the growing zone, the amount of sun and water that plants needs, the bloom time and the recommended height and width of every plant.

App #8 - Garden Tracker

Some gardeners have trouble keeping track of what they planted where, when they watered and fertilized and how many days there are left till harvest time. Fortunately, the Garden Tracker app can help you keep track of everything, including USDA Hardiness Zones, moon phases and sunrise. You can also pre-plan your garden using its planning tool grid.
Author Bio:
Valerie Parker is a freelance writer specializing in creative landscaping and gardening ideas using natural materials and offers information about the latest apps and devices used in gardening.
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