Coolest Car Gadgets

Got a new car but feel like it’s a little low on excitement? Most of us can’t afford cars with all sorts of fancy add-ons, but you can liven up your ride with some high-tech gadgets. These picks will give your car a new edge and also provide some pretty handy services to make your life easier.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

This clever device plugs into the ODB port in your car and troubleshoots any problems your car may be having with its diagnostic tools. It also connects with your mobile phone and up to 5 of any Wi-Fi-enabled devices to allow you to unlock and lock your car from your phone (especially useful if you’re prone to losing your keys). This gadget also lets you track your car from your computer and set special security features.

Kensington Proximo

Ever wished you had a gadget for that infuriating moment when you can’t find your car in a busy car park? This sensor will attach to your car and connect with your phone to allow you to track your vehicle down in no time.

Griffin iTrip with Aha

This wireless gadget streams radio stations from your phone through to your car speakers so you can listen to your favourite tunes at any time without fiddling with connection cables. It now also includes some extra features, such as special stations that find nearby points of interest such as petrol stations or restaurants for you to stop at, along with channels for weather reports and traffic updates.

Telematics Black Box

There are special insurance policies out there that can offer you major discounts on your insurance premiums based on the way you drive. If you’re a relatively safe driver, and especially if you’re only on the road at particular times, you could be rewarded for your caution with discounts reduced premiums. You’re driving is tracked by one of these black box trackers,  installed by a mechanic into your car. What does the box do? It monitors location, acceleration, braking and other factors then lets the insurer know what your driving is like. This is one gadget that could seriously save you money.  

Grippy Gadget Mat from ThinkGeek

If you’re constantly losing things in your car, be it your phone, keys, or spare change, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a handy new mat you can place on your dashboard that will secure all of your necessity into one specific spot. You’ll never have to dig around in your car again!

BodyGard 5-in1 Keychain Emergency Tools

This very useful keychain from BodyGard offers you a range of emergency measures all built into your car keys. You’ll find a seatbelt cutter to help cut you free in case of an accident, a glass breaker to smash your window open if needs be, a flashlight and distress flasher and a sonic alarm. If you’re a slightly nervous driver or feel you could use a little boost to your safety, this is definitely the gadget for you.

Buddy Desk

Often find yourself working from your car? This mini mobile workspace fits into your seat under your steering wheel to make a quick writing space or laptop desk so that you can get what you need to get done anytime, anywhere. Preferably not while driving, though.

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