3 Highly Effective Ways to Convince An Addict Gamer to Stop Buying Online Games

If you are one of those naive mobile game enthusiasts who spend countless hours playing, you may have already spent hundreds of dollars for your games. Many of the popular games at present are designed to make money. They have been created to entice players to buy more lives or special items to improve their playing performance.

But you don’t actually have spend a single cent for mobile games. There are many ways to circumvent the money-making schemes of game publishers but, of course, many players are just not that interested to learn about them.


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If you don’t really have the luxury of paying for all the mobile games you like, you don’t really have to spend for any of them for the following reasons:    

1. There are many great and highly popular games that are free.

If you just want to have casual fun with your mobile device, you should know that many of the most popular mobile games at present can be installed for free. Looking for a fun game your friends are also playing?  Simply head to the free games section of Google Play, iTunes, or the Windows App store. You should be able to find great choices that will not be asking you for any payment.

Highly popular games like Bejeweled, Candy Crush, Coin Dozer, and Megapolis can be installed and played for free. Some games need a fee on iOS but they have Android counterparts that are usually free. If you are just looking for a game your friends are also playing, you don’t really need to spend any amount. Unless you want to enjoy premium games that feature highly sophisticated physics and  graphic, there’s just no reason to pay for a mobile game.

Be aware, however, that these free games use schemes that eventually ask players to pay, albeit not compulsorily. If you run out of lives, for example, you can use real money to buy more lives. There are also games that offer weapons or special items in exchange for points or real money. Still, you are not obliged to spend for them. You can even get them without paying for them (as detailed in number 2).

2. If you need more lives or items, you always have the option to cheat.

If you think about it, once you use money to get more lives or special game features and items, you are essentially cheating the gameplay. If you are already cheating, why not do an actual cheating that does not involve money? Learn to use cheats that can get you to the next levels of a game without spending dollars.

The time trick, for instance, usually works for most games. It is a way of tricking the game to lifting time limitations on respawning, restocking, growth, healing, or life replenishing. This trick is all about advancing of a device’s system time – a convenient method that anybody can do without any rooting or jailbreaking. This trick is one of the cheats mentioned on coindozercheats.com and on other sites that provide cheats for various other games.

There’s also the option of installing hack tools or cheat utilities. Similar to apps, these tools need to be downloaded and installed to manipulate or modify a game. You just have to be careful in using them as they may introduces malware to your device or cause software problems.

3. To deal with difficult levels or to improve your gaming, you can always look for tutorials, walkthroughs, and tips online.

Having problems completing a level in Amateur Surgeon? Do you need guides on how to beat zombies in PvZ? You can always look for solutions online. There are many video tutorials on YouTube that can help you deal with difficult levels. Spending for more lives is just unnecessary when you already know what to do to get over the hurdles.

Playing mobile games is about enjoyment. However, if you want to support game developers, it’s never wrong to spend some dollars for some games. Just know that enjoying online games doesn’t have to be costly and that there are free options so you don’t have to spend when you don’t have much to spend.

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Keyna R. is a gamer and a blogger who advocates responsible online gaming. She loves to write about anything and EVERYTHING under the sun!

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