4 Online Education Facts You Might Not Know

If you have been thinking about further education but wondered how to handle a full-time job, family life and other responsibilities, then online education is a great option for you. Online classes and degree programs have become increasingly popular as a legitimate means of education. But before you leap onto the online education bandwagon, here are some facts you not have known about online education.

Not All Online Schools Are Accredited

Proper accreditation is very important in the world of higher education. Although many schools are reviewed, accredited and recognized, some are not. It is advisable to choose a legitimate and effective school for your education. Accreditation recognizes educational institutions for performance, quality and integrity in winning the confidence of the general public. A regionally accredited online school assures the earned degree or certificate is accepted and recognized by other accredited educational institutions at their level. A school gets accredited regionally and by one of approved and respected accreditation agencies. There are many resources that can help you find accredited online universities, colleges and career schools.

Not All Online Schools Are 100% Online

There are many educational institutions that offer online courses, but not all of these institutions operate entirely online. There are well-known colleges and universities that offer degree programs in both online and traditional campus setting. These institutions offer adults the opportunity to complete degree and certificate programs online as well as combination online and classroom settings.

Some Online Degree Programs Are Not 100% Online

Certain online degrees require students to take some courses on campus. These courses are designed to be taken in a traditional classroom setting, where students meet for classes with the instructor. All other courses required for completion of the degree program are provided online. Take the time to browse each school's website or contact their student a support or help center if you need assistance.

Online Students Can Obtain Student Loans And Scholarships

Many online universities and colleges participate in various private student and federal financial assistance programs like traditional universities and colleges and technical institutions. These financial aid programs and resources are specially designed to give assistance to current students who are unable to afford the cost of their education. Also, alternative financing is provided through a variety of sources, such as books and directories and students can have access to them. Whether you enroll in a combination of online and on-campus classes or entirely online classes, you can have access to college scholarship, grant and student loan if the school you are attending is an accredited institution. So it is important to choose an accredited online school.


Online education offers a great way to get an education without interfering with daily life. Distant education has existed for a long time, even before the advent of the Internet, so it is not a new concept. Correspondence courses were offered by mail, but as time has passed, technological developments have provided opportunities for many forms of distant education, including online courses. Many educational institutions, including colleges and universities, now offer online classes, and some schools operate completely online. It is important that you understand some facts about online education before you choose an online course or school.

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