5 Specialist Food Apps You Might Need When You Go On Holiday

When you're on holiday you always want to make sure you find the best places to eat because tasty food is priceless. I bet you don't know where to look at the moment, but maybe that will change once you realize there are some cool apps out there that will tell you where to go if you want a specific type of food. Let's look at a few examples and you'll see what I mean.

Vienna Beef Locator (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vienna-beef-locator/id464801834)

As soon as you taste a hotdog from Vienna Beef you know the pleasure will be almost too much to bare, but what will you do when you're away from home? You always want to be able to get your hands on those delicious hotdogs and the Vienna Beef Locator app can actually help you. It will show you restaurants where the hotdogs are served and it will give you the directions to get there. You can also learn about the meat and why people love it so much.

Fritkots Bruxelles (https://itunes.apple.com/be/app/fritkots-bruxelles/id441054097)

Fries aren't exactly the healthiest food in the world, but when you go to Belgium they are so delicious you can't help yourself. There are a lot of chip shops in the country and finding out where the best ones are can only be done through this app, unless of course you want to test each shop for yourself. The app won't send you to a shop if it's closed and it will also tell you the quickest way to get to each one. Don't spend too much time looking at the photos because you'll just get hungry.

Dirty Kebabs (https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/dirty-kebabs/id461581297?mt=8)

What is the one thing you want to do when you spill out of a nightclub at 2am? Instead of going home you want to go and find the juiciest kebab in town. You're in luck if you live in a city like London, Sydney, or Tokyo because the Dirty Kebab app will give you directions to the best kebabs. If you don't want to wait in a long queue you will be able to order everything from the app and it will be ready to pick up when you arrive. They also show you where lots of different kebabs are and not just donner ones.

Paris Pastry Shops (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paris-pastry-shops/id475338192?mt=8)

Paris already has some of the most delicious treats in the world, but how would you like to get shown around by a renowned pastry chef? The Paris Pastry Shops app will let you know where to go for the best pastry, chocolate, ice cream, and candy. There are hundreds of shops on the app and each one comes with great information including how to get there. You will definitely need to put another hole in your belt before it's time to come home.

More! Penang Street Food (https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/more-penang-street-food/id390053157?mt=8/)

If you're ever thinking about heading to Penang you will need to bring this app along. The reason it's so important is because there are literally hundreds of juicy stalls that sell delicious food. If you tried to do everything on your own you probably wouldn't get around all the best food before it was time to come home. The app will even give you photos and detailed descriptions of the food so you can easily find everything on those busy streets.

Specialist apps rule

Now that everyone has a smartphone people don't need to worry about building general apps that appeal to the masses. They just need to concentrate on specialist ones and they know millions of people will download them. If you look around I'm sure you'll find other great apps you can use in case you're visiting a city we've not covered today.

Author Bio:
This article is contributed by Jimmy Mason, an employee at Aireus, leading providers of Apple POS systems. He is a culinary enthusiast and always looks forward to visiting the newest restaurants in town.
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