How To Successfully Promote Your Brand Online

In order to effectively advertise your business on the Internet, you should consistently add high-quality content to your website, establish countless backlinks for your site on other webpages and post videos that contain step-by-step instructions for using your company's products and services. 

Social Media Optimization 

A business owner can create profiles on numerous social networks, such as Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. The marketer must frequently post links to new articles and videos on the networks, and in addition, the advertiser should leave comments underneath the pictures and the posts of other users in order to gain attention. 

Improving The Company's Reputation 

During the last year, Google and other search engines have begun to allow the reviews that a business receives online to substantially affect the rankings of the company's website in the search results.
One effective way to generate more positive reviews is to offer customers a discount of 10 percent off of their next order for each excellent rating that they post about your business.

The Website 

A merchant's website should allow guests to create accounts, and after users log in, they should be able to customize their profiles, manage their orders, send messages to other members and save their billing information.
You should post articles that are filled with targeted keyword phrases on your site as often as possible, and the marketer must create a new page on the website for each new post.


You can create videos that explain the benefits of your products or show potential customers how to use them. You should add a link to your company's site in the description of the video. Google gives a large amount of authority to backlinks on YouTube because Google owns the website.
Additionally, YouTube channels that have more than 200,000 subscribers usually generate at least $3,500 in revenue from ads for each new video that is posted.

Google Maps 

By adding your business to Google Maps, its website and phone number will rise above the organic search results for targeted keywords almost instantaneously.
You will need to receive a letter from Google, which usually takes five days to one week to arrive, at the address that you included in your company's listing.


You should allow customers to donate to a charitable organization each time they make a purchase. A business owner can also hold conferences at least once per year during which people are encouraged to give money to a specific non-profit organization, such as Hope for 

Haiti or the American Red Cross.
You can write and distribute press releases about the conference online, encourage customers to share videos about the event and give free promotional products to people who donate a certain amount of money.

Pay-Per-Call Campaigns

By the year 2015, more people will access the Internet from their mobile phones than from desktops and laptops.
To take advantage of this trend, you can launch a pay-per-call campaign that will allow independent affiliates to advertise your company's phone number. You will be able to select the number of minutes that a call must last in order for an affiliate to be paid and view the brand of the phone that each caller used.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

You can start a pay-per-click campaign by using the services of Chitika in order to place thousands of ads on other websites in hours.
A business owner will be able to choose the geographical areas from which the merchant's website receives traffic, and you can select the part of a webpage on which a banner ad or a text ad is placed.

Author Bio:
Ashley Hughes works with individiuals and companies worldwide to help with brand management and strategy. When she is not building reputation online, she is busy learning how to become the world's next best chef.
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