5 Tips For Organizing Your Home Office

In Style Working at Home

For an increasing number of Americans, working at home is a daily process. With the nearly universal access to fast Internet service, many people find they can make a living out of their study or home office. You may have a space set aside as a location for your regular work, or just a personal office for taking care of bills and computer time. In either case, you will undoubtedly come to find the importance of having that area well-organized while fitting into your overall home décor.

With the huge growth in the number of freelancers and other work-at-home types, many companies have focused on items that make those residential offices more efficient and attractive. It is well worth your time to spend a few moments to evaluate how you can take advantage of one of more of these ideas and items. Here are five tips to help you get started on the process.

1.    Use a 90-day calendar. We all have different ways of scheduling and controlling our time. A large number of individuals today use computerized methods and sophisticated time-tracking tools. However, putting up a simple, attractive 90-day calendar can help to provide a useful overview of what you’re facing over the coming few weeks. This calendar shouldn’t be cluttered with details, but rather highlight important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. It can also be used to visually block out times you will be out for conventions, shows, or vacation. That quick glance broad perspective proves useful in many situations.

2.    De-clutter with mini-drawers. There are a number of very practical sets of small drawers that can be used for everything from pens and printer cartridges to stamps and envelopes. These nifty storage bins allow you to keep things handy but out of sight and out of the way.

3.    Use a multi-purpose printer. The easiest and most affordable way to have the capacity to copy, print, fax and scan is with one of the versatile and affordable multifunction machines readily available in any office supply store. While you sacrifice a bit of quality at each end of the functions, you save on not needing separate paper and ink supplies. Also, the footprint of these handy machines is remarkably small.

4.    Control the cords. The movement to wireless is a big step to eliminating those piles of unsightly and even dangerous cords running everywhere. However, you will still have a number of power, computer and connection cords in the average home office. There are some clever systems out now to help you control and camouflage these cords and make you work area safer with less clutter. These are inexpensive and come in a number of styles and colors.

5.    Use an efficient desk. As noted, the home office has attracted the attention of the best stylists and designers. They have applied their skills to providing efficient options for home workers. These offer the ability to hide your computer and keep your work material organized and handy. There are a number of different choices that put efficiency first but don’t ignore the importance of fitting in with your home décor.

It’s worth taking a little time to optimize your home office and work areas. Fortunately, you have a lot of resources from which you can select to help you achieve that objective.

Author Bio:+Paul Reichman is the founder of BedBathStore. Using decades of experience in home fashion, Paul offers quality bed, bath and home furnishings at affordable prices through www.bedbathstore.com.
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