Why Are Certain Companies So Dominant?

We all look at the world and see the same company names dominating advertising and supermarkets but why is this? We live in a world that is open yet closed, that may seem a little bit of a weird let me explain. So many companies are dominant because they have the financial backing to run huge advertising campaigns all across the world.
These companies can also refine their product to such a level that they take a huge chunk out of the market. It is frightening the outreach these companies have and they just leave everyone else trailing in their wake.

They are ruthless and have no bones about destroying other companies in the meantime.
There are just not enough credible market rivals to these companies and they have the superpower and financial backing to dominate and continue to dominate.
This article will aim to highlight, in detail the reasons why these major corporations are so dominant and how other companies can aim to improve in order to rival them in the future, no matter how hard it may be.


There are certain companies out there that are just so dominant and that is because they employ the brightest minds and are extremely innovative in what they do. Too many companies show no innovation and think of a standard idea and run with that. If you are serious about mounting a credible challenge to the rest of the corporate world then you have to think outside the box.
We live in an age where quirkiness sells and the more interesting the idea, the better it sells, it’s kind of like fashion in the UK. I think any company, new or old, has to ask a few fundamental questions and they include, “is what I am selling different to the competition”, “do I have a unique selling point” and “ is my idea reproducible one a mass scale”.
If you can say yes to at least two of the questions then you are half the way to success. If you can offer the customer something a little different then you will be able to buck the trend of these dominant companies.


Funding your company is so important. You have got to have the financial back if you stand any chance of success. There are too many companies out there nowadays that jump head first into things and when the business doesn’t pick up they are left with masses of debt and no money to pay it off.

Client Base

You have got to have a strong client base if you are to have a long and profitable business. The best way to do that is with your website. Check out web hosting from Jaguar PC, they are a great company that can give you a good price for hosting and a domain name. That is just an idea, there are many other companies out there so do some research.
If you are serious about mounting a challenge to the dominant forces of business then you must have a diverse client base.

Author Bio:
Anton loves to write about business and has a degree in that discipline. He has a lot of industry experience and loves his job, his career has spanned over 5 years.
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