How Are Display Stands Becoming Hi-Tech?

From jewellery to technology, companies in all industries are turning to trade shows as a way to market their products on a wide scale. As competition gets more intense, the sales tactics – and the display stands – used by exhibitors are getting better and better, every single year.

Whether it’s LCD television displays or bizarre, innovative design features, we took a look at the unique characteristics that are making today’s display stands less about the traditional corporate branding and more about presenting a hi-tech image.

1.Digital displays to give a hi-tech, sleek look

A growing number of companies are investing in digital displays to give their stands an edge over the competition. Trade shows are all about attracting attention, and it’s tough to beat a flashy, bright display when it comes to attracting passers-by.

From small businesses to mega-corporations, lots of businesses are requesting LCD displays when they hire exhibition stands.

2. Bright, eye-catching neon signage

Neon might not be ultra-modern, but it’s rapidly becoming the standard for bright, eye-catching trade show displays. From neon borders to logos, a growing number of businesses are investing in old-fashioned neon signage for their trade show booths.

Aside from neon signage, many businesses are opting for standard printed signage with a powerful lighting backdrop. This allows them to create a more detailed and impressive logo than a neon display would normally allow.

Touchscreens and cool user interfaces

Training a sales team is time-consuming and expensive. To allow their sales team to focus on the most valuable prospects, many businesses are installing touchscreens in their display stands to help visitors that are interested, but not that interested.

Touchscreen displays can be configured to show off your business’s latest creations, answer common pre-sale customer questions, or list contact information for your sales or customer support team.

4. Live, on-site social networking

Social media is taking over trade shows. Many booths, particularly those in the tech industry, now have their own Wi-Fi Internet signal and social media information for visitors.

All of this is for a good reason – to encourage drop-in visitors and prospects to reach the company’s sales team on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and, for many B2B businesses, LinkedIn.

Sales teams are increasingly turning to social media to close the deal. Is your booth prepped for Internet connectivity and social networking, or is it still designed for an old fashioned approach to marketing?

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