Technology That Every Office Needs

In today’s fast-paced business world, falling just a few years behind in technology is enough to put your company at a massive disadvantage. From social media to smart phones, read on to discover five technological devices all Offices need, courtesy of London Offices.

Ultra-modern phones

Whether your business markets to consumers or other businesses, having a reliable phone system is essential for success. Technology experts are predicting a decline in the use of landline phones, making a high-end VOIP phone worth the investment.

Another great option is to provide every employee with a high quality smart phone for keeping in contact. This makes it easy to send contracts, picture and other vital documents to employees when they’re out of the office.

Great quality scanners

Just like the landline phone, the fax machine is rapidly going extinct. Send your faxes online using a high quality scanner and a VOIP connection. Great fax machines make it easy to keep archives of documents and other printed content.

Reliable IT equipment

The backbone of every modern office is IT, and keeping your system as reliable and dependable as possible is essential for success. Stick to simple, proven software for running your business and invest in a high quality, intelligent IT department.

While some technology start-up experts recommend buying Apple hardware to skip common IT problems, you can achieve the same results with Windows (or even an open source operating system) by using proven, time-tested software. 

Management applications

From digital collaboration tools to online time-tracking and scheduling software, an important part of running a people-driven business is being able to keep track of all your employees and all of your pending tasks.

Invest in high quality applications for managing your workforce’s tasks, and train all of your staff members in using them. A great management and collaborative system can double, or even triple your company’s total productivity. 

Old-fashioned paper

Over the last decade, there’s been a push to encourage offices to ‘go paperless.’ As great as this is for the environment (and for your filing cabinets) it isn’t always the best way to keep your office productive.

For to-do lists and simple memos, paper works! Take a break from the paperless office philosophy and let your employees keep notes on their computer monitor – after all, it’s very easy to lose a text file or email memo. 

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