Interactive Interior Design: The Epitome of the Modern Home

A big influencer of modern interior design is technology. There is no escaping the fact that the latest gadgets have gradually taken over our lives and now our homes. Whether it’s a wide screen television or a state of the art music system, appliances and devices are found throughout the home changing the feel and overall functionality of the space. Being able to carry out daily tasks efficiently and effortlessly is now expected meaning the importance of seamlessly incorporating these elements is paramount. 

 Colour palettes, furniture such as and display cabinets layouts of rooms are now focused around the technology found in the home. 

 Transitional Rooms 

 The home must be able to meet the demands of the inhabitants. A kitchen can no longer just be a kitchen. It needs to be a space that allows for food preparation, fulfil entertainment needs like a living room, offers the comfort of a bedroom and caters for formality like a dining room. Technology has helped meet this demand and secure the reality of multi-purpose, transitional spaces. 

 Open Plan Living 

 Embracing an open plan style in your home, you can support the changing lifestyle of your family by opening it up so you can easily interact with one another as well as utilising the house as a whole. Previous layouts encouraged restricted living with people, styles and designs often being found in separate spaces. 

 Connectivity Between Indoor and Outdoor 

 Bringing the outdoors in is vital to the idea of open plan living. Making the most of design elements like glass, wood and other natural products can help with this. Outdoor spaces should also be comfortable and practical to encourage people to spend time there. 

 Energy, Time and Money 

 The integration of technology does not simply influence the way we live or the purpose of the home but it can impact the amount of time, energy and money that is spent on everyday tasks. Smart homes are also green homes with environmental considerations becoming increasingly important. Various devices can help reduce the amount of energy used allowing you to save money whilst enjoying a modern living space. 

Author Bio:
 Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications. Follow her here: @Debbie_Fletch18
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