Facebook Is The News Source For 30% Americans: What Does This Fact Means To You

A recent study has revealed that 30% Americans gets their daily dose of news from Facebook. These people visited news websites just because of Facebook as their behavior pattern show that they never intend to visit any news site. The study was published by the Pew Reseach Center.

Some More Facts Unveiled By This Study

- Among these 30% Americans, 78% said that they logged in for reasons like uploading pictures or maybe for checking news feed but ended up on news website.
- Only 16%, among these 30% Americans, agreed that their sole purpose for logging in was to check the news.
- Around 22%, among these 30% Americans, feel that Facebook is a valuable news source
- And only 4% people who participated in the study regarded Facebook as the most important source for news.
- Only 64% of adults use Facebook in America and as per this study, every third adult in America reads news on Facebook.

What Does This Study Means To You (Facebook Page Owners)

Now you know that people are actually using Facebook for news too, whether intentionally or unintentionally. And this fact leaves a lot more space for you to increase your fan following and user engagement. Page owners can think of adding more news value to their page.
Let me give you some reason for doing that. But before we move further, let me clarify one thing; the news that you will add to your Facebook page should be relevant to your niche. For instance if you own a travel page then only travel news will be suitable, adding information about technology or politics will kill your reputation.

Here are the reasons:

- News can serve as nice filler because at times Page admin are short of status updates too and this study just increases your sphere of relevant content for Facebook
- Second thing is engagement; you can literally enhance user engagement by posting relevant news. People usually like to comment on current happenings just like they enjoy asking you questions when you put up a status about some discount offer.
- You can actually gain organic new likes by posting news. But mind you these organic likes will be very few in number. You know that it’s not easy to get more people like your page organically. And this fact alone has give rise to companies like marketing-heaven.com/buy-facebook-likes
You know that things are changing so rapidly that you need to alter your strategies too. Now a Facebook page that talks about everything going on in the relevant niche, be it news or some new offer, is going to stand out as the leader in the market. The formula is simple; you need to spread out the sphere of relevant content for your facebook page. And Facebook page managers who can do this job are sure to survive for long with dignity.

Will you change the strategy for your Brand page on Facebook after reading about this study? 

Please share your views and thoughts in the comment box below.

Author Bio:
Tooba Altaf is a content manager by profession. She frequently blogs on various platforms. You can follow her on Twitter (@toobaltaf)
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