Tips for Cos-playing as your favourite superhero

The term “Cosplay” is self-explanatory really: it simply means costume play. Cosplay began as a Japanese phenomenon in the early 1980’s growing out of annual comic conventions where followers of anime, comic books, films and novels created costumes and dressed as their favourite characters. The idea spread to global conventions and established itself as a subculture beyond these events.

Cosplay today is not just a feature of these conventions, but an active on-going hobby in its own right where communities of cosplayers regularly meet to role-play their favourite characters in the fandom. Many cosplayers also enjoy LARPing (Live-Action-Role-Playing), steampunk costuming, medieval re-enactment and drama/theatre, as well as other creative pursuits.

Costume-making is a key aspect of cosplay. Cosplayers make highly intricate, detailed costumes and proudly displaying them at conventions. Competitions for the best dressed, most inventive and in-character and for re-enacting scenes from the character's movie or series are a key part of convention meets. (Of course, this is where cosplay began).

Many groups of fans who identify with a sub-genre (think anime, steampunk etc) cosplay as the superheroes, animated film characters and famous characters from their era. Often inspired by Asian animation, a TV series or comic books.

Cosplaying for those who have never tried it before or who have a particular interest in a certain fandom, could be a great idea for a party theme or Halloween get-together. Less immersed than a convention where hardcore fans meet, Halloween could be a great opportunity to have a go at creating that costume you have always envied, and cosplaying with friends.

Tips for cosplaying as your favourite superhero or character:

  • Decide whether you are going to attempt to replicate the costume of your chosen character or tailor it to suit you. If you want an exact replica and are short for time or simply are not the creative type and no good at costume-making, then you could simply buy a costume from a supplier. offer a massive collection of superhero costumes such as batman costumes for adults - these are always a popular choice.

  • If you’re going to take on the challenge of making your own costume (good for you!) visit your local stores and shop online for fabrics, props and makeup. Take a picture of your superhero along for reference.

  • Think about the details. Things like unique buttons, jewellery etc. that make your character unique. It's important to get these details right or others at the party or convention won't know who your character is!

  • For Halloween, (a costume you will likely only wear once) you don’t have to go for a high level of workmanship. Some people are fantastic with a sewing machine, and others just aren’t. It’s okay—play to your strengths. Your costume will be awesome because you took the effort to make it.

  • But if you're going to a convention, it pays to start making your costume early. Many serious cosplayers make their costumes several months in advance, and spend more than 100 hours on perfecting their look.

  • Makeup goes a long way towards pulling off a convincing costume. Think face painting cobwebs and spiders for spiderman and masks for Robin or batman etc.

  • Have fun creating your costume and showing it off at a convention or party! Remember, part of the fun of cosplaying is to stay in character, so don't be afraid to get really into your superhero's actions. Have fun!

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