Where To Find Affordable Gadgets

Tech tools are essential resources for productivity in today’s fast moving and digitally interconnected world. With apps, smartphones, and an increasingly diverse range of mobile devices; we are able to adapt to whatever challenges the modern world throws our way. Our technologies help us learn, play, communicate, and create in ways that were unimaginable in years past. But the best gadgets don’t come cheap. So while the benefits of these technological tools are profound, for many, they are simply too expensive to afford. Fortunately, however, while the full retail prices of today’s top digital devices are often too high for budget conscious shoppers, there are many alternatives for buying the same technologies for less.

Here’s how to find affordable gadgets:

Buy Refurbished

Though many consumers are wary about buying second-hand technologies, buying refurbished is a great way to save money on powerful tech devices for example: refurbished smartphones. Shoppers return their technologies for a variety of reasons, and most tech companies restore them to like-new quality for resale. While you can buy refurbished devices from many different sources, it is always best to get them from the original company, which usually issues a one-year warranty. Apple, for example, is currently selling 2011 Macbook Airs for $899. The newest model costs about $400 more.

The Ebay Option

Though there is certainly a small amount of risk associated with buying on Ebay, most highly rated users are a pleasure to do business with. It takes a bit of scouring around, but shoppers can find amazing deals on today’s newest technologies by using this popular and highly regarded online auction site.


Craigslist is something like a massive online garage sale. It connects shoppers with a vast network of sellers in their local community, and is a great way to track down cheap gadgets. Of course, buyers have to use a bit of caution when buying via craigslist, and won’t be getting any warranties for the items they purchase; but savvy shoppers can find great deals here.

Police Auctions

When police foreclose on criminal estates and repossess illegally obtained goods, they often hold auctions to dispose of them. And while it is commonly known that these are great places to find cheap furniture and vehicles, most don’t realize that police auctions are rich sources for inexpensive gadgets. So check online listings to see if there are any upcoming auctions in your area, and you could make massive savings.

Credit Card Points

If you remain disciplined about paying off your bill each month, a credit card can be a great way to save money. Many companies offer points with each purchase, which add up fast and can eventually be redeemed to buy everything from airline miles to today’s latest high tech gadgets. American Express offers one of the best reward points programs in the industry today. So if you are looking for ways to save on top technologies, find out if you qualify for a card, and start piling up those points.

Regardless of where you shop, remember that prices fluctuate significantly depending on on when you shop. Seasonal sales, short-term promotions, and limited time discounts can save you a tremendous amount of money. And if you don’t mind being just a bit behind the curve, you can often get top gadgets for a fraction of their original price by buying them in the days immediately after a newer model is released. In any case, always be sure to shop around before you buy tech tools. It is amazing how much you can save when you do a little research and some well directed bargain hunting.

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Kirstie works with voucher cloud and loves anything to do with money saving. These days, while the cost of living is on a constant rise, it is possible to find most goods for a reasonable price, and it is becoming a lot more acceptable to negotiate with retail outlets.

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