4 Industries That Rely On Precision Engineering

It is only when you start to look closer at the world around us that you realise just how much is made through the use of precision engineering. From the phones we carry around in our pockets to the cars we drive every day and the spaceships that are exploring new frontiers at every opportunity. The need for precision can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece when people first realised there was a requirement for precise measures. This then lead to the creation of the first navigation tools and astrology aids.
But whilst many of the technology that surrounds us is the result of precision engineering; there are certain industries that rely on it for many of their important components. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these and see just how influential precision engineering is in our world.


Aerospace doesn’t just cover the planes that we use to fly off on our holidays in; it also includes the spaceships that are continuously trying to find out more about our solar system by visiting places that humans could never go. From components that keep aeroplane seats in place and make them comfortable to piping that aids in the refuelling of the aircraft; there is plenty that needs to be engineered with precision. These parts need to be made to the same specifications every time or there could possibly be repercussions that affect people’s safety, and that is why precision engineering is so important.


The exact nature of the medical industry means that so much of the technology used has to be engineered to explicit requirements. CNC engineering is used to craft components from a variety of different materials including aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and brass and the CNC turning machines ensure that everything is constructed in a uniform manner. Precision engineering companies will provide components for complex medical machines, vital parts used in prosthetic limbs and even the medical tools that surgeons use on a daily basis.


In order for the defence industry in this country to be constantly improving; the development that is aided by precision engineering is vital. One of the biggest discoveries in the defence industry was when Swiss watchmakers realised the need for precise time pieces at sea and this lead to the development of state of the art chronometers that help navies keep accurate time measurements wherever they are. Precision engineering is also used in the manufacture of parts on missile ejection units for fighter planes, night sight components and head-up display units. With so much of the technology used in this sector being safety critical; it is imperative that everything is made to exact specifications each and every time.

Oil And Gas 

The oil and gas industry provides some of the toughest challenges to precision engineers as there are often multiple restrictions such as tight limits and hard substances. Despite the fact that we are always looking for new ways to fuel our homes and vehicles; the industry is still on the rise and it is thought that it will continue to grow in the next ten years. Precision engineering plays a vital role in getting the raw substance from the ground and into our homes and so there will always be a need for it; even as things develop. Long pipes that carry the fuel, intricate drill bits that allow us to plunge great depths and complex oilfield equipment are all built using precision engineering.

Engineering of this kind is all about quality, accuracy and consistency, and so there is little room for error in something that so many industries rely on. We rarely get to see more than just the finished product or service that these industries provide, but there is so much which precision engineering lends its hand too that couldn’t be produced without it.
Author Bio:
Chris Mayhew has always had an interest in engineering and is suprised by just how much of the technology around us is precision engineered. He would recommend Girffiths Engineering to anyone looking to sub contract their manufacturing work to a precision expert.

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