The Top Bills to Cut in a Financial Crisis

When financial crisis is looming, many people panic. In today’s world, more people are living paycheck to paycheck than ever. However, if you look carefully at your budget, you can probably find quite a few areas to cut when you are facing a financial crisis. If you are facing financial hardship, try reducing your bills in these areas until you get back on your feet:

TV and Entertainment

Do you spend a lot of money on TV or entertainment each month? This is an area you can easily cut. Consider reducing the amount of television that you subscribe to. You may be able to reduce your cable or satellite package to the basic package and save a hundred dollars or more each month. Even better, try eliminating paid TV altogether and watching TV online or through mobile television apps on your phone or tablet. If you frequently see movies in the theatre, try renting and watching movies at home to save money until you have more income.


If you are like most Americans, your phone bill is high each month. If you have cell phones and a land line, your bills are even higher. When you are facing financial hardship, cutting back on phone use is a great way to save some money each month. Consider eliminating your land line phone altogether. If you have a data and texting plan on your phone, eliminate these for a while to save a significant amount of money each month. If you are at a greatly reduced income, you may even qualify for free phone service paid for by the United States Government.

Monthly Subscriptions

Do you subscribe to a lot of monthly services? If you get monthly subscriptions, including video games, magazines, food, monthly clothing subscription packages, or subscriptions to monthly charity donations or associations; you can save quite a bit of money by eliminating these expenses. In fact, most people do not even realize how much they are spending on these services each month. You could save $100 or more each month by eliminating these subscriptions.

Reduce Utility Bills

Most people are able to cut back on the cost of utility services, if necessary. Simple changes, like not paying for lawn service, turning off your sprinkler, and raising the temperature of your thermostat by three degrees in the summer (lower it in the winter), can reduce your utility bills by a significant amount. When possible, turn off your heat and air conditioning to save even more money.


Do you spend a lot of money on food each month? If you are strapped for cash, the food budget is a great place to cut expenses. Lower your food bill by creating a meal plan for each month. Try to purchase ingredients that you can use for multiple meals. Shop store sales, and go for inexpensive dishes. Adding a few vegetarian meals each week can help reduce your food budget significantly. You may also qualify for government assistance to help feed your family.

If you cut expenses in these areas, you may find that you can just get by until you can replace your missing income with another income source.

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