Need More Space in Your Office? Handy Tips to Create that Space

Most of us will spend more waking hours at the office than in our homes. That’s why it is important that our work space is a nice place to be. Spending eight hours plus a day in a cramped, lifeless office is not conducive to happiness or productivity.

And yet many offices are crammed with filing cabinets, unused furniture and poorly designed work stations. Many office workers spend a good part of their day rifling through piles of papers trying to lay their hands on what they need. Often an item that is used every day is situated out of reach. All these bad space and placement decisions add up to office dysfunction and poor productivity.

Sometimes it is necessary to keep files and records for extended periods, even years, and it seriously worth considering keeping these off-site. A functioning, clutter-free office will repay any storage expenses quickly in increased productivity and mood. Storage facilities offer well-priced and very safe services that are fully accessible. And of course, this would most likely be a tax deductible expense. There are many companies offering off-site business storage, including the very reputable Fort Knox business storage facilities, which are available throughout Queensland.

There are many simple ideas that will help create more space in your office simply and inexpensively. Given the rewards of an improved working space, they are worth looking at!

Declutter, Clean and Organise

First step; take an inventory of what you use frequently and what you rarely use. Get rid of the latter! It’s that simple. Make sure piles of papers and electrical cords are out of view. Nothing looks shabbier than cords everywhere.

Step two; clean your newly decluttered space thoroughly. A clean environment translates a clear mind.

Next, get organised! Check out every item in your office and relegate it to the appropriate place. Office supplies and other items that can be stored should be placed in storage cabinets, not left standing around. Items that you use every day should be on your desk or within easy reach. Take anything of your desk that isn’t a necessity. Everything else should go into your desk drawers.

Use Display Space Carefully

It is nice to personalise your space with pictures, ornaments and mementos, but be careful to keep these to a tasteful minimum. If you have a magazine or journal collection, just keep out the latest and best issues. Dog-eared copies must go to storage!

A great space saver and organisational tool is the display board. Use white boards, bulletin boards or even paint a wall with blackboard paint so you can keep your plans on the wall for everyone to check out, instead of a pile of papers or notepads.

Make the Most of Your Space

Don’t buy furniture that is too large for your office space. Measure things before purchasing and then go back to the office and space it out.

Use your wall space well with shelves above desks and also on spare walls. Add cabinets under work surfaces to maximise floor space. You may also consider adding some flexibility to your space by getting desks and cabinets on wheels.

Office space can be improved easily: welcome to a happier work space and increased productivity.

Author Bio:
Ethan Sagan

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