4 Clever And Discreet Safe-Keeping Gadgets

All of us have valuables and important documents which we want to safeguard. Some of these things are very expensive or are priceless; thus, we don't want to lose them. To that end, we continuously look for ways to keep these valuables safe.
Storing items can be quite challenging, especially if you want to make sure that they are completely hidden from burglars. You can always keep your valuables inside a traditional safe or vault; however, these gadgets usually scream out "I HAVE VALUABLES INSIDE!" to a burglar, letting them know where they need to look. Keep in mind that burglars want to be in and out of your house quickly. To that end, you need to add a layer of security for your valuables by making it hard for these criminals to find them. Here are some of the clever and discreet gadgets that can safeguard your valuables.

Book Vault: 

This is the perfect place to hide your jewelries, electronics, small amount of cash, or anything that is small in size. It is a clever and subtle way to hide your valuables that is also very affordable. Although burglars are familiar with book vaults, they still won't have enough time to search each book in your bookshelf. The specifications of this gadget are listed below:
        - The book vault is usually around 6.5" long x 4" wide x 3" deep.
        - It is also made with excellent quality steel with a powder coating that prevents rust.
        - In addition, it has a steal lock interior with two keys.

Surge Protector Diversion Safe: 

As previously mentioned, burglars do not want to stay long in their victim's home; thus, they only have time to check the most common hiding places. This discreet gadget is very unique since it looks like a traditional surge protector but it can safeguard your valuables inside. It is the last place that thieves will look into.
- It is around 6" x 2" x ¾" in size
- It is not a real surge protector but it still has an on/off switch that allows it to give out a red glow just like a real one.
- You can also plug it into a wall socket to make it look real.

Secret Wall Vault: 

You can create a hole in your wall which is big enough to place your valuables inside. You can do this by following a do-it-yourself instruction guide and a patch kit with plaster and paint. But if you are not confident with your skills, you might want look for a spot in your wall with a hole and cover it with a large appliance or a wall art. You can also consider subtle gadgets, such as wall socket vault. This gadget is created to fool even the smartest burglar. It looks like a regular electrical outlet but a pullout will reveal a concealed hole that can hide your small valuables.
- The face plate of the wall socket vault can be changed to match the interior décor of your home.
- It is made with high impact metal and plastic.
- Most secret wall vault products come with a cutout saw and template so that you can easily install it.

Bed Safe: 

This subtle gadget can be placed right under your mattress. This brings a whole different meaning to hiding under the bed. This gadget is perfect for storing bigger valuables since it has plenty of room. You also don't have to worry about getting a good night sleep since this hidden bed safe can still make a comfortable sleeping surface.
- The door is created from a 10 gauge steel and it has a bent tip to reduce prying.
- It is secured by door locks with two hinges.
- The body is made with steel that minimize welds. All welds are WSA certified.
These are just a few gadgets that can hide your valuables discreetly; however, if you truly want to safeguard your valuables, you can consider storing them in a different location, such as in a self storage. Self storage facilities now have state-of-the-art security features that can protect and safeguard your belongings and valuables.

Author Bio:
This guest post is written by Kris Lim. She writes about the best security technologies and gadgets in the market. She also recommends her readers, who are looking for a secured self storage facility, to consider US Storage Centers.

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