Top 5 Cooking Apps

Cooking is a great hobby because it will give you a lot of great benefits. Not only will it ensure you eat healthier foods but it can also help you save a lot of money because you aren’t eating out or buying expensive ready meals.
Getting into cooking is now even easier because there are so many great apps to use as a helping hand.
Here are five of the best cooking apps available.


You might be aware of the website and this app is their official one for smartphones and tablets. It is as good as the website, providing you with hundreds of recipes from users.
There is certainly something for everyone in this ‘recipe book’ and the app itself is really simple to use.

2. Paprika

There are multitudes of great recipe apps available but Paprika is special because it allows you to organise these various recipes under your own system. You can organise recipes according to ingredients, easiness to cook or even the price.
This makes this app a must have for anyone enthusiastic about cooking.

3. Appetites

If you are a new cook then this app will teach you all the basic cooking skills you need in order to succeed. The guides are very thorough and the videos showing it all step-by-step make it really easy to follow the recipe.
There are a lot of useful tricks also for the more experienced cooks, so you should give Appetites a go.

4. Perfect Produce

Perfect Produce is a great way to get excited about vegetables and fruits and can really help guarantee you’ll start adding them to your food. This amazing app provides you information about green produce and helps you find out new fun ways to use them in your cooking.
This is a really good app to learn a thing or two and find more about your favourite veggies.

5. Green Kitchen

There are a lot of great apps that focus around a special diet and if you are following one you should find an appropriate app for you. But something that everyone can get excited about is Green Kitchen.
It has lots of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes that make even the hardest carnivore’s mouth water.

What Can You Do?

The above five apps are really nice way to get into cooking and find inspiring recipes to start testing out. If you are getting into cooking then starting your own blog about it is a nice way to share your experience and share your tips with other cooks.
You might also get inspiration to develop your own cooking app. There are a lot of ways to help make cooking simpler and more fun and developing an app is something fun to do. If you are an iOS developer you should get in touch with Made With Marmalade and make full use of their helpful tools.
Cooking is all about having fun and there is always room for some experimenting. Getting ideas from the above apps is a nice way to get started and with the helpful guides at hand you won’t be stranded in your kitchen.
Author Bio:
Shannon has been passionate about food for as long as she can remember. She is always testing out new recipes and loves to invite her friends and family to taste her latest experiments. She is also a big fan of swimming and could spend hours at the pool.

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