How to Keep Your Business Clean When You Don’t Have the Time to

Because of their continual use, office desks, chairs and electronics harbour a multitude of germs. When working from an office space, it is also important to de-clutter and have your paperwork organised for easy access. A clean business space will lead to greater productivity and a healthier work environment. The aesthetics of an unorganised and unclean office are not an ideal environment in which to conduct business. So much time is wasted looking for documents when a business in cluttered and unclean.

Personal work spaces

Set aside a time for staff to clean up personal work spaces as a clear work space means a clean mind and a mor productive employee. Provide the proper sanitising wipes and sprays. This will create a happy and healthy work station for all staff and you will be rewarded with focused and motivated staff. Staff can also utilise this time to properly organise space for supplies and files. Also make sure hand sanitiser and tissues are easily accessible for staff at all times.

Reduce paper clutter

Piles of papers stacked high can cause a business to look cluttered and messy. Make sure you have a good filing system in place or archive documents off site. Scanning documents is a good way to reduce paper clutter, but just ensure everything is backed up. This method will give you easy access to your documents at any time.

Do not eat at the desk

Time is always flying fast, so it is often easier and more convenient to take your lunch break at the desk. This habit can lead to crumbs and spills becoming lodged in tiny niches which could attract ants and cause bacteria to breed. By eating away from your work station, you can keep this area food free.

Clean desktops

Desks can become dirty and smudgy. A quick spray and wipe over with appropriate cleaners will keep counters, desks and reception areas clean. Potential clients will focus on the reception area when they arrive, so make sure this is where you focus as well. Keep windows and counters clean and keep live plants in optimum condition or consider purchasing or hiring artificial plants, but make sure these are kept dust free.

Sort your garbage

Designated garbage and recycling bins will make office waste disposal run efficiently. This system will also keep the office area clean and free of excess garbage.

To make sure your business is kept clean, walk into the office as if you were a customer. Quickly scan the office area to see whether you can notice any garbage or dirty areas. On first inspection, a clean tidy work environment will lead the customer to believe that this is a smoothly running business. Clutter will give a client an impression of chaos and may lead them to question a business’s integrity. If you are short on time, you can always engage the services of AMC Cleaning who specialise in professional commercial and office cleaning. A clean well organised business is also a productive business.

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Kim Blair

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