10 Most Anticipated Xbox One Games

The winter of 2013 marks a new generation of home consoles, with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 arriving on the market within days of each other in November. With massive graphical power, a new and vastly-improved Kinect, and full cable integration (with selected providers), Xbox One will try to establish itself as the one entertainment box you'll need in your living room over the next decade. They haven't forgotten about games, either – here are our 10 most anticipated Xbox One launch titles, with some helpful tips for saving on day one:

10. Killer Instinct

We've heard rumors of another Killer Instinct since KI Gold arrived back in 1996; but until earlier this year, those rumors were nothing but wishful thinking. But after a live demonstration at this year's E3 (one that came with a bit of controversy), it appears that this time, Killer Instinct really is returning. Set to hit Xbox Live on launch day, Killer Instinct will have six playable fighters (with two more to follow in the 'first season'; a second DLC season with eight more characters is already planned for 2014) and the same auto-combo system fans of the original loved.

9. Crimson Dragon

Although it's not being developed by Team Andromeda (or being published by Sega, for that matter), Crimson Dragon is being considered the spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon Sag, the infamous on-rails dragon shooter series for the Sega Saturn. Retaining the series' original director and composer, Crimson Dragon takes place on a planet of dragons recently colonized by humans, adding RPG elements like character classes, skill trees, and leveling up dragons to the tried-and-true swerve-and-shoot action of the Panzer series.

8. Need For Speed: Rivals

Blending elements of both Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted, the Ghost Games-developed Need for Speed: Rivals offers players a huge open world full of dynamic weather, the ability to race as racers or cops, and seamless single and multiplayer experiences, thanks to the all-new AllDrive social feature. It's a simple formula, really: exotic cars + huge world + hundreds of events to compete in = many, many hours lost behind the wheel.

7. & 6. Call of Duty: Ghosts/Battlefield 4

The modern war shooter remains one of the most popular genres on consoles (for better or worse), so it's no surprise Activision and EA are releasing the latest iterations of their massive series on new consoles. Both have their own neat new features and caveats: where Call of Duty: Ghosts promises new multiplayer mechanics (like destructible environments) and a dog (how could we forget?), Battlefield 4 offers the new Commander Mode interface for multiplayer matches and the brand-new Frostbite 3 engine under the hood. Don't miss out on the fun: grab a Green Man Gaming promo code and save on whichever you decide to purchase.

5. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed + pirates... need we say any more? Ubisoft's latest open-world stealth adventure will take players to three distinct cities, offering open-world ship exploration – and of course, maritime battle. Sure, the narrative might be a little ridiculous at this point, but the prospect of being a swashbuckling adventurer in forgotten eras of time? It's hard to turn that down – and if you're still wary, rent it with one of our GameFly coupons and find out for yourself.

4. & 3. NBA 2K14/FIFA 14

Both 2K Sports and EA Sports are keeping a tight lid on gameplay videos and details of the next-gen debut of their two biggest respective franchises. With Madden NFL 25 releasing to disappointing reviews on current consoles, it's up to these two games to give sports gamers an outlet over the coldest months of the year. NBA Live 14 may loom, but with plenty of new features, animations, physics engines, and modes for players to enjoy, the two kings of virtual video games look to smoothly transition to the next generation.

2. Watch Dogs

Some might say the open-world action game has seen its hey day, but Ubisoft thinks otherwise: their much-anticipated Watch Dogs finally hits consoles this fall, both current and next-gen. In it, players can manipulate various electronic systems to do their bidding, walking around the city as a hacker with the ability to instantly obtain secure, personal information from anyone else inhabiting the city, completely at will. The action-packed demos promise a level of freedom in missions we've never seen in the genre: so make sure to grab a GreenMan Gaming promo code before ordering your copy. This is one you won't want to miss.

1. Dead Rising 3

Set in a world larger than Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined, Dead Rising 3 introduces players to protagonist Nick Ramos, who finds himself on similar adventures to the stars of the aforementioned prequels. It expands upon the crafting system of Dead Rising 2, adding the ability to craft 'combo vehicles' to the mix – and finally removes the annoying time limit and save system of the first two games (though players can turn those on by playing 'Nightmare Mode'). If that's not enough, Capcom Vancouver's new engine can render three times as many zombies on-screen as DR2: in other words, it's going to be a long, bloody fight for survival.

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