Reasons to go for Trusted Brands in Camper Shells

Pick up trucks are great not just for city driving but also for off-road driving. This versatile type of vehicle can take you from driving your family comfortably in the back seat or you can also you it to transport heavy cargo to and from a place. This is why a pick up truck is a great investment. There are times however, that you will need something to cover the truck bed if you need to protect precious cargo from harsh weather conditions.

This is why car accessories manufacturers came up with truck toppers or what others call camper shells. These are created to provide truck owners with a huge lockable space for all the cargo that you will need to carry. The purpose of this is to make sure that you protect your heavy load from harsh weather conditions or worse, even from theft. This way you can make sure that your truck can work and play as hard as you do. Most of these camper shells are made of strong, resilient fiber glass or tough non-corrosive aluminum.

One of the best providers of truck toppers is a car accessories manufacturing company called Leer. One of their most popular products is the 100XQ which has body lines and a design style inspired by the truck model that it is made for. This way your truck will look sleek and elegant even with the addition of a camper shell. Another bestseller from Leer is the 100XL which gives SUV owners the protection and security that they need for precious cargo that does not have space in the back seat. This custom-fit premium cap features an SUV-style side window with twist out vents as well as an all-glass rear door with a twist handle. If your pick up truck is something that you use more for business or commercial use you might want to check out Leer's 180 model. This mid-rise cap provides 20% more space and is designed with a full height door to provide more ease and convenience in loading and unloading.

There are other brands that you might also want to check out and one of them is Century Truck Caps And Tonneau Covers. The Royal fiberglass cap has SUV inspired side windows and has twist-out rear vents with screens. This makes for the perfect topper to make your pick up truck more versatile than ever. For the more outdoor-loving families you might want to go for the Ultra Sport model which gives you a unique custom-fit styling making it look sleek and elegant. The 1/3 side sliding windows with screens provide for great air flow along with the glass rear door with rotary latch. If you are looking for more truck caps for commercial purposes then you might want to go for the Ultra CF model from Century. This model is designed to withstand heavy loads and to serve as secure workshop while still maintaining the automotive styling of your truck.

So if you are looking for the best, the most reliable, and most top of the line truck toppers then make sure to go for the brands that most pick up truck owners trust.

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