5 Life Changing Technology Devices Ever Invented

Nowadays new gadgets are unveiled daily , but a couple of years ago these inventions were hard to come by , below is a list of 5 Greatest Technology Devices Ever Invented that have given rise to all other inventions and innovations in the world today .

1. Telephone

Invented in 1875 by Alexander Graham Bell .It converts voice and sound signals into electrical impulses which are transmitted via wire to another telephone which converts this signal to sound. It has given rise to the Cellular phone and smart phones which we use today. The first smart phone was developed by IBM and Bell south in 1992 and it combined the features of a fax, address book, clock and calculator. The mobile phone has undergone wide spread changes , it has shrunk in size, increased in scope of power , range and flexibility making the telecommunications industry a multibillion dollar industry.

2. Computer

Konrade Zuse built the first freely programmable computer. The first general service electronic computer was developed during the world war two it weighed 30 short tons and took up 1800 square feet. However today we have smaller, laptops, i pads, notebooks and PC's. The computer has diffused itself into every aspect of human existence; it influences how we store and generate data, how we communicate and how we conduct commerce. Computer literacy in society is a required benchmark for securing employment in any field from garbage collection to manning armed drones in the army.

3. Television

The first images sent via wire using rotating metal disks was by Paul Nipkow in 1884. The television has since evolved from the black and white images filled with static to clear higher definition, three dimensional images. Television is the greatest multimedia invention of all time, the images and sounds transmitted via television are a source of entertainment for billions of people all over the world. The entertainment industry makes billions of dollars each year shaping the minds of public opinion and pop culture all over with movies, news, documentaries and TV shows not to mention the advertising companies that rake in billions.

4. Automobile

Karl Benz in 1885 built the world's first practical automobile, powered by internal combustion engine, Gottlieb Daimler then improved on this and patented the prototype for the modern day fuel driven engine for a four wheeled automobile. This invention changed transportation in the world as we know it, goods and services could now reach their destinations faster, towns and cities had to change their infrastructure to include roads for these automobiles. The car as it is commonly referred to has improved since the T- mobile in the early 19th century, today there are electric cars, hydrogen driven cars and even smart cars, it is impossible to imagine what life would be like without this great invention.

5. Steam Engine

James watt invented and patented the design for what is considered the first steam engine in 1765, out of the 5 Greatest Technology Devices Ever invented the steam engine is the most pivotal because it completely changed the world, giving rise to the industrial revolution. Factories were built for mass production of goods; rural to urban migration to cities occurred as people abandoned their agrarian lifestyles for life in the cities. Without the rumblings of the first steam engine we would not be able to travel by train, fly, drive, build factories or sail across oceans.

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This article was written by Lawrence Redman. He is a tech enthusiast and a blogger. He recommends visiting Answers Africa, a website where he often makes his contributions on some of the most amazing African technologies.
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