How to print from your tablet

Tablet printing means you no longer need to use a desktop or laptop to get hard copies of those all-important documents. Rather than using a local printer network you can now print directly via your tablet to any compatible wireless printer, whether in your nearby vicinity or to an external location via the cloud.  

Printing from your iPad

Printing from your iPad is easy, Airprint capability means all you need is an Airprint compatible, wireless enabled printer:

1. Select the print command access from the ‘Share’ button on your tablet.
2. In the ‘Printer Options’, press ‘Select Printer’.
3. Your iPad will search for wireless printers nearby; select your chosen printer.
4. To adjust the number of copies, return to ‘Printer Options’ use toggle the + or – keys in the ‘Copies’ field.
5. Press ‘Print’

This is the easiest way to print, but you limit yourself to printing directly to local printers, and cannot adjust settings other than total copy numbers.
Third-party apps provide greater flexibility, allowing you to print from a greater variety of sources and file formats, allowing you to adjust printer settings to suit your requirements.

Printing with other apps

Xerox PrintBack

Xerox PrintBack is a particularly effective free application that works with Android and Apple iOS tablets. PrintBack supports any print technology or manufacturer, can print all Microsoft Office and PDF file formats, and is ideal for business and personal use.
PrintBack has the advantage of allowing you to print documents via your mobile device to a default printer in another location. For example, you might be away from the office and want to print a set of hand-outs for your colleagues back at HQ.

- install the Printback app onto your device
- register for a web-based email service or cloud solution, like;
- install the free Printback print agent onto your computer.

Your tablet will send the print job to the cloud from your remote location, where it will then connect with your home/office computer and print from your associated printer.  Using PrintBack you can save documents or photos from your device to your computer’s ‘Downloads’ folder, or alternatively to your Dropbox account.


PrinterShare will allow you to send print jobs to your chosen local network device, without the requirement of going to the cloud first. The app can also allow you to access your GMail, Calendar, Contact and Documents, allowing it to print to local or remote cloud printers.
Other apps like PrintCentral Pro, Print n Share for Advanced Printing and Print Magic are also excellent solutions, each offering varying levels of flexibility, allowing you to print a variety of formats including Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, web pages and photos.

Printing from Android devices

While you can use a variety of apps for Android printing, the easiest way is via Google Cloud Print. This will allow you to make your home and work printers available to anyone you wish, printing from any location with an internet connection. Much like Xerox Printback, the print job will initially be sent to the cloud before the printer.

Download the Cloud Print app to your device, ensuring that you have Google Chrome installed tool. Sign into your Chrome account using the same log-in as your tablet, scroll down to the ‘advanced’ settings, then set up Cloud Print on your system.
Tablet printing is an easy and effective way to print on the move; download one of these useful apps now and get started.

Author Bio:

Steve Pond is Divisional Manager of First Choice Ltd. With many years of print service experience, Steve understands how to select the latest and best technology to make life easier.   
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