Put The Life Back In Your Living Room With These Four Apps

Meant to be a centerpiece of any home, the living room is where family nights, movies and social gatherings can be held in a comfortable setting, All too often, however, we let daily routines and hectic schedules allow our living rooms to become less of a room of ambiance and more of a place where business and chores are done, with clutter finding its way into the room slowly but surely. Many people wish to remodel their living rooms and inject new life, but it used to be time-consuming and expensive. These days, though, mobile technology has assisted home owners with renovation projects through a variety of applications. Below, we will discuss four of these apps so you can gain the most out of your living room through a renovation or updated design.

Interior Design Gallery

When you need inspiration for a new living room project, it can be daunting to know where to begin. Thankfully, the Interior Design Gallery app for Android devices can provide its users with hundreds of different ideas to get the ball rolling. A wide variety of high definition photos are included, with coordinated rooms search-able by category and room. Once you have achieved that perfect look for the living room, you can then move on to other rooms of the home and gain inspiration for them from this app, also. Currently available for free, Interior Design Gallery can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store.


Interior Design

If you have been banging your head against the wall (hopefully not too hard, or that'll take a whole different kind of renovation) in search of the perfect design for your living room, then look no further than the Interior Design app. Available for download via the Android Marketplace for free, Interior Design allows users to peruse dozens of different design themes for every room of the home. For the living room, you will be able to see coordinated furniture sets, great wallpaper and beautiful flooring that can brighten up any dull or drab living space.


Living Room Decorations

If you need some templates for your next living room project, then the Living Room Decorations app can be of service. Currently available on the Android Marketplace and free to download, this application will provide hundreds of ideas in the form of high quality photos that can be saved to your phone's memory or shared via email with friends and family. Whether you need new hardwood floors, a change in paint or a new set of furniture, the Living Room Decorations app can give you fresh ideas for the next time you head to the home improvement store.


Living Room Furniture Ideas

Anyone who wants to keep up to date with the latest home living styles will like the Living Room Furniture Ideas app, currently available for free via the Android Marketplace. Users can quickly browse hundreds of different photos while also accessing various news articles and events pertaining to home décor and living room styles. With videos included, you can enjoy more than just a flip book of photos.



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Today’s feature contributor, Gary Stark, is a frequent blogger who works for Alliance Floor Source Inc., a company that specializes in providing hardwood floor installations in Toronto. He loves music and enjoys going to live concerts. 
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