Boost Your Home's Bling Appeal With These Futuristic Gadgets!

Nowadays it seems that many of us are spending more and more time in the home. This may be a reaction to the recession that is gripping the Western world or maybe it’s because we are fed up of spending our hard earned cash on staying in over priced hotels and eating in hyped up restaurants. Whatever the reasons for this trend, wouldn’t it be nice to improve our homebody existence by adding a little sparkle to the occasion? There are some excellent innovations out there in retail-land that really lend themselves to making our lives a lot easier and certainly more interesting. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the more imaginative ways to spend our leisure time at home.

Hi-Can Bed - £40,000 -

Okay, so the price tag of this uber-gadget is probably a little more than we want to spend on what is essentially a bed, but we can still dream about it! And dreaming is the last thing that will be on your mind if you manage to snare one of these bad boys! As well as looking absolutely stunning, the Hi-Can Bed provides a set of extras that would leave most people well and truly gobsmacked! It is reminiscent of the first class cabins that Emirates are so proud of and they are not nearly as posh as this bed. You can shut out the outside world with the automatic blinds that slide neatly down at the touch of a button, and then the entertainment really begins! You’ll be too busy setting new high scores on the multimedia games console to worry about getting any sleep. And the HD movie projector will provide hours of chilling down time. If you fancy some bedroom gymnastics you can use the automated mattress angle adjustment system as bait and you’ll soon be beating them off with a stick. The only thing we haven’t tried in this awesome horizontal gadget is getting a good night’s sleep, and quite frankly you’ll be too busy!

Orbital Washing Machine – POA -

If you happen to live in a busy household, then you’ll know what an absolute pain it can be when you need to use the washing machine. You have to separate the colours from the whites and that’s only the start of the tedious process. Well, the Orbital Washing Machine is here to make your life a little easier! This ingenious appliance offers us a neat little short cut that will have housewives, and husbands, everywhere clamouring for one of these. You simply remove the Orbital Washing Machine drum and it acts like a laundry basket. There are two of these to choose from and you load them back into the machine when they are full of dirty clothes. The drum is designed in such a way that the drum and the clothes rotate in opposite directions, the results are pretty impressive. It uses far less water and energy than a standard washing machine and your clothes will be cleaned like never before. The detergent tray has also got in on the act and it has a sensor that releases just the right amount of good stuff depending on the weight of the contents!

And…You’re Back In The Room!

So there we are, 2 awesome gadgets that will surely get you thinking long and hard about your next big household purchase!

Author Bio:

Today’s feature contributor, Charles Ray, is a frequent blogger who works for a company that specializes in providing garden furniture in Sheffield. He likes surfing and spends his spare time on the beaches.

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