Apps That Let You Take the Entertainment With You

Don't you hate it when you have to leave the house right at the beginning of the fourth quarter, or when you didn't have enough time to finish that amazing movie before starting your night class? If these sound like familiar scenarios, it's time to get some entertainment apps that let you watch your movies, games, shows, or any other videos no matter where you are. Don't let the TV weigh you down. Instead, get these excellent apps for viewing entertainment.


A video network from Sony, Crackle lets you stream free (with ads) Hollywood television shows, full unedited films and other content from Tristar Pictures, Sony Pictures Classic, Screen Gems, and Columbia Pictures. Excellent for anybody who wants to relax and watch their tablet without having to spend a dime.


Having a Netflix app on any device enhances the value of your account by letting you view any instant queue video from your device. As long as you have a good internet connection, Netflix provides its content through excellent video streaming. Though, sometimes it takes a while for them to add new videos to their collection.


Still kicking yourself over deciding against those Minnesota Vikings Tickets? You can make yourself feel a bit better about it with the MobiTV app. MobiTV lets you watch sports and other television live from anywhere, all from your device. Watch live breaking news, live college and pro sports, and plenty of on demand television as well from select cable channels like MTV, Disney Channel, and Comedy Central.

Hulu Plus

Hulu is a great way to watch many of television's most popular shows online. You can watch most shows the day after they air, and many earlier episodes of those shows as well. The downside of this app comes with licensing issues, making some platforms unable to play certain shows. Also, the movie library selection could use some improvement.


HBO Go lets people with an HBO subscription watch any of their shows on demand wherever they are. No longer do you have to wait to get home to watch shows like Eastbound and Down, True Blood, Game of Thrones and any of HBO's shows.

NCAA March Madness Live

If you have March Madness on TV, the NCAA provides an app to let you watch the games wherever you are. You just log in by providing your TV Provider and account information as if you were signing into your television provider account. Then, every channel which plays a March Madness game becomes available to you on your device.


Of course, YouTube will also let you watch their videos anywhere! Just download the app and view the world's largest video repository. The app doesn't have all the features of the website, but still allows you access to most of the videos.


If you like watching many of the other TV and movie apps listed here, then you may prefer to watch them on Fanhattan. Crackle, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and other video streaming services come together on this app for an all-in-one access. Still, studio licensing restrictions limit certain videos' availability.

So kick back, download one of these apps and start watching your videos on demand, or stream live video.

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