The Top 5 Newest Car Gadgets

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, especially if you have had your eye on a particular car for a long time and you finally get to call it your own.
When you get your new car, there is the exciting bit afterwards when you get to fill it with your own accessories and air fresheners – putting your stamp on it.
There is an array of gadgets at your disposal, in order to make your life easier and your car cooler!
However, if there are five gadgets that you need to get your hands on for your new car, it is the following five.

Hands-free boot opener

The clue is in the name with this one – it saves a lot of hassle, especially if you’re walking towards your car with handfuls of shopping. Usually, you’ll have to put your heavy bags down, open the boot and then lug them inside. However this gadget, which you operate with your foot, eliminates that problem.
Ford, BMW and Volkswagen offer this gadget for particular car models.

Self parking

Parking can be very stressful if it’s something that you struggle with. Don’t know if you’re going to make it into that space? This device allows you to simply park alongside the empty space and makes that decision for you. All you need to do is operate the accelerator, brake and clutch.
Most manufacturers offer this on selected models.

DAB Radio

DAB offers improved sound and easier navigation between stations. DAB isn’t standard on many vehicles right now, but when the analogue signal is switched off in 2015, it will be. At present, costing varies, but it would cost around £300 on an 
Audi A4.
More and more manufacturers are offering this service, including Ford and Vauxhall.

Smartphone connection

Many cars have the option to be connected up to smartphones. However, the standard making/receiving calls is a thing of the past – nowadays cars with smartphone connection can access music, messages, social media accounts.
Charges vary, but aren’t too high – 
Ford, for example, charges from £100 for its SYNC technology.
Most manufacturers will do this nowadays, whether it’s as standard or as an optional extra.

Innovative in-car storage

Nissan pioneered the ‘curry hook’, a hook on the transmission tunnel designed to hook a take-away bag on, so it doesn’t make your seats smell or fly all over the car when driving it home. The latest Toyota RAV4 features a hammock the boot, allowing you to store your shopping so it doesn’t roll all over the boot.
All manufacturers will offer some form of storage, but newer models will have more innovative designs.

Author Bio:
David finds developments in car gadgets and devices interesting, as he works for UK Car Contracts, specialists in personal car leasing and business car leasing.

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