Top Motorcycle Brands

Although cars remain the most popular vehicle on the road, many people do use motorcycles as their mode of transportation. Whether for the simple joy of feeling freer on the road or for more practical reasons, such as the higher gas mileage, a number of motorists chose to drive a motorcycle. While some people have grown up around motorcycles or are motorcycle fanatics, giving them an insider’s knowledge about which types of motorcycles are the best, many other people who are just venturing into the motorcycle world are not as familiar. Fortunately, a person looking to buy a motorcycle can easily find out more about the various brands of motorcycles, allowing them to find the best motorcycle for them.

In learning more about the top motorcycle brands, you can not only find a motorcycle that fits your needs and desires best, but also has top ratings from other motorcyclists. In determining a motorcycle’s overall rating, many factors are used, such as overall performance, appearance, longevity, and more. Depending on your needs as a future motorcyclist, the factors that you value more highly will differ from others’.

Best Brands of Motorcycles

Largely, the type or brand of motorcycle that you purchase will be based on your own unique circumstances, such as whether you are a new motorcyclist or an experienced rider, and own needs, including what style you like best and your budget. As such, some people are likely to lean towards certain brands more. However, certain brands are known for producing a variety of top-quality bikes, providing ones suited to a number of different people’s needs. These top brands include:

- Ducati – Although some of the more expensive types of bikes, Ducati’s are lauded for their sleek appearance, largely due to their “naked” style, and their ease of handling. Some of the most popular models include the Monster and Hypermotard lines.

- Suzuki – This brand of motorcycle produces a widely varying range of motorcycles; however, it is most well-known for its fast, racing bikes.

- Aprilia – With varying performance level bikes, riders can have a high-tech bike that is suited to their needs and experience.

- Kawasaki – This motorcycle manufacturer makes some of the most popular dirt bikes and motorcycles for new riders. Its popular line – the Ninja – is well-known for having easy to use features and parts, in addition to standing up to use over time.

- Yamaha – This brand of motorcycle makes sport bikes, sport tourers, adventure tourers, and more, making it a versatile brand suited to the needs of various people.

Buying a new motorcycle (or even one that is just new to you) is exciting! However, it can also be a long, drawn-out process when you are trying to find the motorcycle that is best for you and your needs. While looking into these top brands of motorcycles can likely help you narrow down your options, you may want to seek other resources or help from other sources, such as friends who own motorcycles. Service centers, such as a Suzuki service center or Ducati service center, also employ professionals who can answer any questions you may have and help you better understand whether a bike is the right choice for you.

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