Some Cool Gadgets To Help Pimp Your Ride!

If you really care about your car, you will probably spend considerable time and money on making it look as good as possible. But have you been as extravagant on the way your machine runs and handles? A good car is only as valuable as the way it manages to start first time every time. There are scores of motors out there that look the absolute bomb but underneath there lies a different story. This article takes a look at some very sweet gadgets out there that profess to make your ride a lot more enjoyable. We say that talk is cheap and take a closer look at these claims.

Delphi Connected Car - POA

We get the gadget ball rolling with this little ripper from Delphi, it may be small but it has a big heart and loads of useful features! You simply install this small black box and it transforms your ride into a remote controlled marvel. It will allow you to pick up engine faults and diagnose your engines actual capability. The device is Bluetooth enabled and can send a signal back to your PC as to where in the world it actually is, just like a GPD tracker in fact. You can check on the actual and average speed of the car from a remote location as well. This is very useful for those concerned parents who have let their kids loose on their pride and joy! If your car has automatic locking and alarm features installed, you will be able to control and monitor both of these remotely as well. We love this gadget and are confident that most of you will feel the same way too! Basically, the more automated features that your car has as standard, the more useful and fun this gadget will prove to be.

Inrete Automatica - $99

Unless you over 150 years old, you will probably enjoy pumping out some tunes as you cruise around on those long summer evenings. The only challenge is when you are a little bored of that particular mix disc you so lovingly crafted last week. But you are too far from home to pop in for a better choice. Well now you don’t have to worry at all, because the Inrete Automatica is here to take care of your audio desires, and then some! This device holds 4GB of storage and that’s an awful lot of music! It also has the ability to sync into your Dropbox or Skydrive account and allows you to pull in whatever tracks float your boat, or car! It comes in a flashdrive size package and has enough tunes to fill the Sydney Opera house! An awesome piece of kit in a tiny package, you’ll soon make this beauty a permanent passenger!

Kensington Proximo - $60

Hands up those of us who have parked up in a new location, only to spend ages remembering exactly where the damn car is? It is a common occurrence and some of us never seem to learn from this mistake! Well the Kensington Proximo is a very forgiving gadget that will ensure we are never left in the lurch again. You simply leave the sensor in your car and the Proximo does the rest. It automatically displays a detailed map and locates the exact spot that your car has been parked. A lovely device that will save you loads of stress and hassle in the future.

Convinced Yet?

We think that these 3 gadgets will definitely help you to enjoy the more important things in driving a little easier, just remember where you read about them first!

Author Bio:

Today’s guest author, works for Pro Mobile Car Detailing, a leading provider of car care products in Australia. He is a racing enthusiast and loves to go on long drives in his spare time.
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