Top 10 Mobile Apps For Organizing Your Business

Mobile computing has significantly grown in the last few years. With technological advancements, most businesses have started using smartphones and tablets to make the most of their efforts and keep their business organized. Let us tell you about the top 10 mobile apps important for organizing your business.


This is a free app for iPhone users. It helps you create a to-do list. It is very easy to create sub-tasks and the Smart List hides all those tasks which don't need to be shown. You can also assign tasks to others and get messages as soon as they are completed.


Bump is a free app for Android and iPhone users. It helps you share information quickly. You can share contacts, files, calendars and photos from one mobile device to another. Transfers are carried out wirelessly.


This iPhone app lets you easily access presentations, documents and video from anywhere. You can send files and even store them to shared folders. It also allows you to sign documents. Any changes you make are synchronized and available for other devices.


This app is a very easy and quick way to track all kinds of business expenses. In fact, it lets you take a photo of the receipts and divide different expenses into categories. You can also sync all this information to QuickBooks online. It saves you from the pain of expense reports.

EZ Balances II 

This app lets you organize your spending while you are on the go. Moreover, you can do so for up to six different accounts. You can easily track cash accounts, project budgets, business or travel expenses, and credit or debit cards. You can also email a report of transactions to any account you want. This app is available for iPhone users at $3.99.


WhatsApp has been quite popular in recent years. It can be used on multiple mobile platforms. It is free in the first year. WhatsApp allows you to share photos, notes, screenshots and group chat with your colleagues. You can even save and export logs from a group chat. Thus, no one needs to take notes.

Dragon Dictation

A good app business broker will always recommend this app. This is an excellent voice recognition app for iPhone users. Transcriptions of whatever you say can be sent as email, SMS or pasted into another app using clipboard. The editing feature asks for alternatives. It has a voice driven correction interface. This app can also be used by Android users. Android users can make calls, send texts and schedule appointments.

Base CRM and Sales Tracking

This app allows you to easily track every lead and grab even more leads from social networks. You can easily save all your interactions in one place. This app automatically organizes related emails, tasks, deals, calls, notes, tasks and files in a universal contact card. It also allows you to customize sales stages and invite your team to work on current opportunities, while sharing contacts, deals and notes.

Simple In/Out

This app helps you keep track of your employees and their schedules. It uses GeoFencing to check you in or out of the office or other specified locations. You can also leave simple messages, like 'at the site', 'in a meeting' and so on. This app is free for iPhone and Android users.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps you track your employees by keeping tabs on multiple Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. You can also manage publishing content. It provides the ability to approve, draft and schedule social media messages. This mobile app is free, with a monthly subscription to online service.

These were the top 10 mobile apps to keep your business organized. There are many more mobile apps available in the market. However, a good business broker will be able to guide you better.

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Domenic is a passionate business blogger about new technologies and apps. 
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