For Home Improvement Inspiration Look To The Future!

It seems that far too many homeowners are not taking home improvement seriously enough these days. Instead of looking at the big picture, they just plough on with the same wallpaper, the same paint and the same lame old ideas. But there happens to be some fantastic DIY gadgetry that they are missing out on. They are clever little devices that make those mundane tasks a thing of the past. Making those jobs all but disappear means you will have more time to think about your ideas and visions for the future. You can get a really good ROI on a good home improvement project, so let’s take advantage of these gadgets and create some extra time and space for those all-important brainstorming sessions. Alternatively you can just go down to the pub with your buddies, both choices are winners!

Skil Digital Angle Finder - $59.99

The first home improvement gadget is a very useful tool indeed, and it will certainly banish those days of poorly mounted wall shelves. A poor workman blames his tools and there is nothing poor about this beauty! The Skil Digital Angle Finder analyses your target surface level and offers up a digital display of the actual measurements and also tells you whether or not the darn thing is perfectly level. It utilises a bubble level replica onto the digital screen and even calculates the miter angle into miter saw angle. If you still screw up the shelf assembly after using this gadget, you should probably leave the next project to your partner!

Robomow - $1,000-$3,000

Well this is not strictly a home improvement gadget, but we think it should be looked at very seriously if you have a large lawn but very little time. This excellent device allows you to sort out your lawn nicely without you having to lift a finger, well maybe a thumb or two. You can continue with your home improvement project or simply just chill out and enjoy the view as your lawn gets a robotic haircut.  This will also suit those with disabilities and the older gardeners out there. It is less noisy than your typical lawnmower and has an auto shut off sensor in case you are worried about it attacking the neighbour’s cat! The Robomow run on batteries and pretty much ticks al of the boxes regarding a near genius bit of kit!

Milwaukee M12 Drill - $150

A good drill is worth its weight in gold, and you can ask any professional tradesperson out there. So we approached the Milwaukee M12 Drill with baited breath, is it as good as they are saying or not? Well we were suitably impressed, this baby can drill through those concrete walls with ease, and it only weighs about 3 pounds. Many of the cordless drills out there are only good for the lighter tasks, not this one! You can throw your crusty old drill away and replace it with this upgrade any time you like. It even has a power gauge to allow you knowledge of when it needs a recharge. It is so much easier than carrying those cumbersome extension leads with you on those remote building sites. We love this drill and think you will soon be feeling the same way once you see for yourself!

Threesome Anyone?

All three of these tools hit the spot for us, why not splash out on the trio and see how much time you can save for those less strenuous tasks!

Author Bio:
Today’s featured writer, Jason Harvey, is an interior designer with a leading provider of sliding doors in Toronto. A blogger at heart, he likes to write posts that help people renovate their apartments with a minimum of fuss.
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