Top 5 Job Sites In India

This article presents the top 5 job sites and their charestaristic features in brief.
India has recorded significant growth in boosting up its average employment rate in the past five years, although the market has sent the negative signs from the last quarter of 2012. The average unemployment rate is expected to rise to 9.4% in 2013 from 9.3% in 2012 [Times of India]. A comparative rebound could be seen by the mid of 2014 in the Indian job market according to  the global labor market update. The financial experts and veteran market leaders speculate the positive regression of job-market by early 2014.

However, it provides a fresh graduate ample time to hone up his skill set to face the corporate work environment. Get yourself ready for more specific and powerful job search, with a constructive strategy.

Gone is the age where one holds a classified newspaper highlighting the related postings with a marker on other hand.  Neither the employers prefer to spend more on print media for their advertisements, nor the job seeker is interested to allot more time on conventional methods. It’s the age of digital-accelerated world. The seconds of your online presence can make significant change. There are a number of job boards which are working in this domain, making the job search easy, precise and quick. Here is the list of five job sites which are doing extremely well with their services.

1.    Naukri

Naukri stands in the front line in providing a user-friendly interface and with a plethora of job postings. Presenting access to more than 20,000 clients on the main page itself, is a comforting opportunity for the job hunters. Besides the regular activities, it also offers services like resume building, flash through web based and sms alerts.

One of the useful programs on this site is it sends the relevant job postings to the registered users posted on its site or on the employers site.

2.    Monster India

Monster is known for its clean presentation. The site provides you uncluttered data and with smooth navigation. The jobs are divided into different categories which offers an easy preferred search by location. One can make use of its database once if he/she is registered with Monster. Of course it is free, and a range of paid services is also offered by Monster which are very much useful for the Freshers. Some of the services are:
•    Xpress Resume+
•    Career Booster
•    Resume Highlighter
•    Psychometric Tests
Monster India also shares the major portion of the job market in India with its headquarters based in the US.

3. Times Jobs

Times Jobs have almost the same features with the other top job sites. It follows its own style of promotion by integrating a blog through which it publishes the latest news related to the job search and career advice. One more feature that separates times jobs from the other is Global Connect that enable a user to put up his/her work samples, career objectives and manifestoes. This showcasing grabs the attention of employers and improve the chance of getting placed early. This also offers the other paid services just as the other Frontline job portals.

4. Resource Master

This seems to follow a unique approach in job postings. The web page is as simple as it allows an easy navigation, preferred search by job and location. It is also associated with a blog which keeps the job seeker updated with the latest news and current trends in international hiring market. A cutting-edge service provided by RM is a try-layer profile filtering, which offers the employers a genuine verified profile legitimately. Along with the regular registered free services it also offers the candidates a spectrum of services such as resume building, Skill metrics, resume broadcast, Career guidance, interview skills and interpersonal skills under a special program “student development program”. It promotes the organization with a notion “genuinity and opportunity”. Resource Master is recognized as one of the very few premium job portal cum consultancies working in the market balancing the academia and the industry.

5.    JobsAhead

Presenting statistical proof of three million job seekers, page 83 million visitors, JobsAhead turned out to be in the top line of the job market. The home page is categorized almost the same as the other top sites, with preferred location, experience and domain. The paid services include resume writing, resume blaster—which sends the resumes to over 12000 recruiters in India and abroad, Career booster-- which combines the above services. It allows the employer to either to list the jobs or get access to the database on payment.

Author Bio:
Mr. Abdul Kareem is a freelance analyst and consultant HR for different fortune companies. His research topic is India and the employment.
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