Four Gadgets For The Motorcycle Enthusiast

In years past, motorcycling was assumed to be a rather low-tech affair that relied more on the driver’s common sense and direction than it did any sophisticated form of technology. These days, however, changes in the way we do just about everything have led to the hobby becoming more gadget-friendly as drivers seek to gain as much safety, convenience and efficiency out of their driving experiences. If you have been considering ways in which you can augment the level of enjoyment and functionality you experience while out on a leisurely drive or cross-country journey, then you will enjoy the following four gadgets.

Ram Mount iPhone Cradles

These cradles are designed with the gadget-laden motorcyclist in mind. Intuitive construction allows for easy access to power cables and headphone jacks, while sturdy materials ensure that your phone is never lost or dropped while in place. Many motorcyclists have begun using these cradles as a way to plot out their destinations and navigate while keeping both hands on the handlebars. These cradles can be found for as low as $15 and make a valuable addition to any motorcycle that wants to be on top of navigation, maps and weather while on the road.

Battery Tenders

Very few of us live in areas where we can use our motorcycles year-round. This unfortunate circumstance can lead to batteries dying in between seasons; sitting for just a few months can kill a perfectly good battery. Fortunately, trickle chargers and battery tenders can prevent this from occurring and are easily obtainable. Beginning at just $30, battery tenders will supply the correct amount of voltage and amperage to your motorcycle’s battery to keep it alive through the colder months while in storage. Consisting of just a few connectors and adaptor, battery tenders can be easily stored away when warmer weather arrives and it is time to hit the streets once again.

Handlebar Outlets

Sometimes our external gadgets need power – motorcycles by default might not be the most accommodating in this regard. Thankfully, handlebar outlets allow motorcyclists to install custom power outlets directly into or onto the handlebars, allowing for easy charging of any product while on the go. Starting at around $60, these add-ons will help provide power for anything from a cigarette lighter to a laptop (although we recommend NOT charging a laptop while driving, but you already knew that). Simply wire the device into your battery, secure it to the handlebar and you are ready to begin charging whatever devices necessary from the road.

Extended Range Communicators

Keeping in touch with fellow cyclists on the road can be difficult when driving and trying to use a cell phone – not to mention downright dangerous. Extended range communicators can be installed to virtually any motorcycle and allow for seamless communication use headsets and microphones, functioning very much like a hands-free walkie talkie over long distances. While not the cheapest addition to your motorcycle (starting around $300), these communication devices allow instant and unfettered dialogue between multiple parties and make for a great addition to any social cyclist’s gadget box.

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Today's guest author, Mark Wilde, is a sales executive at Yucaipa Trailers, a firm that provides cargo trailers for sale in California, US. He is an active social networking websites user and enjoys socializing.
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