My Epic Games Console History

I remember when I got into gaming for the first time. I was only 9 years old and it was a complete surprise when, on my birthday, I opened my main present to find a Sega Megadrive hidden underneath the blue wrapping paper. The present changed my life forever and set me off on a huge passion for gaming over the next 17 years.

Consoles have developed massively in this space of time and I feel privileged to have played on some of the best of them.

Sega Megadrive 2

As I already mentioned, my first console was the Sega Megadrive 2. No different to the original Megadrive in terms of games or power, it was just the look that had been updated which reduced its size and helped it appear sleeker. At the time this 16-bit console was cutting edge, with the awesome Sonic the Hedgehog series leading the line. I actually loved a little known game called Phelios which had me hooked for hours on end.

Nintendo 64

What can I say about the N64? It’s a sheer masterpiece which still has nostalgic demand to this day due to the console’s incredible selection of games. From the multi-player genius of Goldeneye and Mario Kart, to the absorbing single-player marathons found in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 - I felt privileged to own an N64 throughout its peak.

Sony Playstation 2

The first console with disc games that I owned was the Playstation 2. Never before had I owned a Sony console and firmly on the Nintendo side of the fence during the N64 era, the PS2 appeared to be the best choice of next-gen machines when up against the Gamecube and Sega Dreamcast. And to be fair, it got me into great games such as Gran Turismo, Fifa and Need for Speed.

Nintendo Wii

I then reverted back to Nintendo when they released the Wii in 2006. First of its kind, with motion controllers, along with another brilliant Zelda launch title, Nintendo have always impressed me with the way they continually push the boundaries of technology. Wii sports also remains a classic, by bringing games like tennis, bowling and golf into your own living room. Some claim that the Wii is only a casual gamers console, but I disagree and there are a number of gems to really get stuck into for those who own one.

What next?

Although I haven’t upgraded to a Wii U (it doesn’t look a big enough upgrade to me), the next-generation of consoles are due for release at the end of this year. It’s a toss-up for me between the Playstation 4 and perhaps trying the new offering from Microsoft for the first time!

Author Bio:
Henry Williams is gaming enthusiast who has owned a number of consoles down the years. He decided to sell his old Playstation 2 online and now does this every time he decides to invest in a new console.
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