Top Established Companies To Watch In 2013

It is so interesting to watch a modern technology market developing. It is amazing to watch a new company emerging and growing into an incredibly popular service that all of a sudden attracts investors and makes its founders rich and famous. At some point, all start up were little known but because of a powerful promotion and unique features they quickly made their way up to the top. Some of us had an opportunity to watch Google growing. Many folks enjoyed explosion of Facebook. How many of you believed in Twitter? Well, all of these companies are extremely successful at the moment. In this post I suggest a few companies to watch in 2013. Don’t worry, there won’t be any little known startups. All of the companies are already well known. Some of them are giants, while others are only making their first steps to join the top club of market leaders.


You know what Tumblr is. This is a social network created by a 26 y.o. David Karp. Tumblr is particularly popular with young people. As for now, it belongs to top 10 sites in the US. The company was acquired by Yahoo, or at least there are such gossips. ThereforeYahoo and Co. have certain expectations as to monetization of Tumblr. Let’s see if it will be a successful year for this social network. Yes, Tumblr is young and immature, and nobody knows how market reacts on emergence of this player. Odds are that it will be a success. Good luck, Tumblr!

Leap Motion

How about controlling your PC purely with motions? This is a hot technology these days. Although Leap Motion has not released its final product, the company has already managed to gather $30 million in funding and signed a partnership agreement with Asus. Motion sensor technologies are technologies of tomorrow. Leap Motion is the first in the line and will be the first to deliver something innovative.


Who hasn’t heard of Instagram? It looks like these days, when young people come to a restaurant, their first off take pics of their food, upload them to Instagram, and only then start eating. Instagram has been acquired by Facebook for $715 million. So, if Mark Zuckerberg thinks Instagram is that valuable, he also has some expectations on how to earn money with it.


The company is going through changes. Well, it is not easy to stay afloat if you have Google as a rival. However, with a new CEO, Yahoo seems to make the right steps. Of course, it is virtually impossible to cut off a piece of Google’s pie, but the new initiatives should give Yahoo the second birth after a decline caused by Google’s hegemony.


This is a social network that is location based. Foursquare founders have spent much time recently looking for funding. Apple has been rumored to have interest in Foursquare but of course, these rumors are not confirmed by any official statements. These guys are not in a condition where they have either to grow or shrink.

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