Modern Trends In Home Exterior Designs

What is the best way to make a good impression with your home? Of course, people mostly judge interior design.

However, the majority of people living never get into your house. They evaluate the house’s exterior. Indeed, exterior design is important, especially if you want to impress everyone, so that people walking by your home would say: “Hey, this is such a nice house”. Making everyone envy you is not that bad, I should admit. Exterior of the house is its face. They safe the house’s face is that of his owner.

Well, anyway, it is important to make sure your house look nicely if you look at it from the street. In this post I will recommend the hottest trend for home exterior design for this year.

Stone Face

The face of your house should be nice. Agree? The best way to achieve it is to use stone or bricks. Yes, natural stone can be incredibly expensive! However, don’t forget that we are living in the age of technologies. There is artificial stone, also called synthetic stone. There are also sprays that will make any material look like a real stone. You can look for examples of stone faced houses on the net, and I am sure you are going to like them. This technique will help you make even a cheap house like a royal castle. As said above, it is not expensive at all, although you may opt for a real stone as a preferred material.

Vinyl Siding

Well, this is truly an inexpensive option. Besides, you will not face any difficulties in finding the right design and color, and vinyl siding in available in tons of colors. There is a myth that this is an option for cheap homes. No way! Even Victorian style houses can be renovated with vinyl siding. Fortunately, the siding comes in a variety of designs and forms in terms of its set up. It also does not require any advanced DIY experience and tools to mount up.

Fiber Cement Siding

Let’s look at one more hot exterior design trend. First off, this material is fire resistant which means it is safer than wood. Secondly, it can resemble virtually any material, wood siding in particular. This makes fiber cement siding so much popular. Besides, you do not need to fork out for its maintenance. Actually, every second house uses this material, and I am sure the number of homeowners choosing fiber cement will only increase.

Red Cedar

If you have some extra money and you really want your house to look splendid, red cedar is the material you should be looking for. It is famous for its versatility, natural beauty and of course durability. It is also eco-friendly. I mean this is so much better than all those artificial materials that simply do not exist in nature.

Individual elements

For sure, some personal touches will make your house look different and unique. It might be anything you want. Of course, design elements should harmonize with the exterior design materials. I’d suggest you hire a professional designer if you are a bit uncertain.

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