Why Well-Designed Metal Signs Draw More Customers

According to the International Sign Association (ISA), signage is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise a business. ISA also says that approximately 50 percent of the customers entering a store are drawn there by signage.

Whatever you have invested on your business' metal signage comes back to you--many times over because it lasts a long time. And if the sign is properly placed, it does its marketing magic for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

How many times have you been impressed by bold and shiny gold metal letterings at the entryways of plush hotels, banks, and corporate offices? Impart the same effect to your customers with beautifully crafted metal letters proclaiming your company's name. Why not pick out a well-designed metal sign that beckons out to passing motorists and pedestrians? You can also have a matching version inside your store for maximum branding.

Why does metal signage draw more customers and why is it a worthwhile investment for you? Consider the following three points.

One, a high-quality metal sign conveys your company's message upfront. You are creative and innovative, and you deal in novelty merchandise. Your glinting, quirkily designed metal signage at the side of your store and over the entrance communicates that. How about getting across to potential clients that you are a trustworthy company taking pride in your professionalism? Express that with huge chrome signage that has sleek letterings. Do you run a small shop specializing in antiques? Then announce that with a vintage-looking metal sign!

Choose the perfect signage that matches your company's message, have it put up at eye level to intensify its appeal, and create a remarkable first impression on would-be shoppers.

Two, a well-designed metal sign tells people you are going to be in business for a long time. The durability of metal and its muted seriousness articulate strength and concreteness. You can think of your choice of signage as the architectural embodiment of your business pride. Metal signage is solid and perfectly tangible--what a way to make a statement about your business' longevity. Potential customers will feel that and will be drawn to it.

And three, although metal signage is naturally eye-catching, it is a non-intimidating way to advertise, making it far more customer-friendly than other forms of marketing. Choose from a myriad of colors, font styles, and designs--from raised letterings to sculptural, from textured to elaborately tinted, etc. Simply take into consideration the overall visual appeal of the sign once you have it outside or inside your store? Does it complement the store? And most of all, is it visible without being too flashy and intrusive?

Chances are, you have already spent a lot of money on marketing: everything from flyers, print ads, posters, freebie giveaways, advertisement in the phonebook, online graphic ads, and seasonal sales promotions. Take it one step further. Get something that lasts. Carefully choose a well-designed metal signage for your place of business.

Imagine your store with a beautiful metal sign, then imagine it bereft of one. The difference can be astounding.

Author Bio:
Robert Smyth is a small business consultant. He loves to write about new ways companies can boost their image on marketing blogs.
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