Had Enough Of Orange Peel Skin? - Then Try These Awesome Gadgets!

Our skin is very important for many reasons but one of the most important features of this huge organ is the visibility factor. Sadly, many people are judged on how their skin is perceived and as a result many of us strive to make our skin look as healthy and attractive as possible. Cellulite is an extremely common skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The skin has areas that have underlying fat deposits which give an appearance of dimpled or lumpy characteristics. This usually appears on the legs and buttocks and can start as early as post-puberty age. Adults everywhere are doing their utmost to get rid of this ‘orange peel syndrome’ and there have been some really good results. As well as visiting your skin care specialist you can also try some very clever gadgets that have been developed solely for the fight against cellulite. Here we look at a few and see if they make the grade.


This is a very successful device that differs from many previous cellulite removal appliances in that it does not use invasive surgery. Liposuction was the way to go for many decades and has been deemed a little unnecessary for the treatment of this condition.  The way that Lipotron works is by using a bi-polar radio frequency to deal with the fatty tissue. This particular wavelength recognises fatty tissue and delivers a bespoke amount of heat directly to these cells. The heat actually tightens the skin by stimulating collagen production. As a result cellulite and stretch marks are vastly reduced. This can actually destroy the fat cells up to 8 inches deep, and the results of this activity are then secreted through the body’s lymphatic drainage system. To see the full results from this procedure you should have about 10 sessions, each are about 40 minutes each. Just find a local skin specialist who has the Lipotron installed and you will soon be wearing those ultra-short dresses once more! Men can also suffer from cellulite and should try this treatment, but the short dresses are optional!

Manual Cellulite Removal Tool

On the other end of the scale, although still very effective, is the manual cellulite removal tool. This is essentially a massage device that resembles a small rubber hedgehog mixed with a handheld scrubbing brush.  The beauty of this gadget is that it can be used at home and will fit into your handbag or ‘manbag’ and can be whipped out any time you feel the need. The way that this device works is by using the soft rubber prongs to massage your affected areas. The skin is massaged and the lymphatic system helps to destroy the fat cells by its unique ‘repair’ system that breaks these tissues down and deposits them into the body’s waste system. Just use this for about 15 minutes per day and you will soon see some wonderful results. The brush device will last for at least a few years and will always be there for you! We love this inexpensive gadget and so will your skin!

Two Of The Best?

These are two fantastic cellulite treatments that are on opposite ends of the scales but equally useful. If you suffer from cellulite, you could do worse than buying the removal tool and booking yourself in for a few sessions on the Lipotron – Good Luck!

Author Bio:
Penelope Jones, writer of this post, works for a leading Toronto laser hair removal clinic and is passionate about skin care and health. She frequently writes articles to share her expert opinions and tips with readers.
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