Some Gadgets That Will Make You More Popular At Work!

Be honest, it can be a real trial getting through those Friday afternoons in the office. We all could use a little light relief whilst chained to our desks. It makes things even harder when you are in a little booth without any connection to the outside view. The boss is always breathing down your neck and when there is nothing to do, well then you have to really pull something out of the bag to look busy. Thankfully there are some cool desk related gadgets out in cyberland just waiting for you to give them a chance. They will certainly make your desk a more interesting place to be, and some even have a practical side to offer! Let’s take a stroll into the land of office gadgets and see if any of them tickle your fancy!

Fincredibles Electronic Fish - $40

You may think that your office desk doesn’t need a fish tank on display, but you would be wrong! The Fincredibles Electronic Fish will provide you hours of entertainment and will never require any of that smelly cleaning out process that real fish tanks demand. You can lose yourself within seconds of watching the colourful little goldfish larking around.  These are so realistic that cats have been known to add them to their Christmas wish list! It takes 3 AA batteries to power the gadget and they will last you about 6 months.  We think that this is just the trick to make those dreary Monday mornings a thing of the past!

Retro Red Car Mouse - $13  

If you ever lusted after a really cool car from yesteryear but couldn’t afford the steep price tag, well here is the next best thing! This ultra sexy mouse is shaped just like a VW Beetle and actually functions pretty well as an office tool! The optical mouse contains a discreet connector and has been built to a very high quality indeed. The grip on this gadget makes it just as easy as a standard mouse but about 100 times as interesting. The car’s headlights illuminate when in use and you will soon be asked about where you got this cute accessory from. Just remember not to lend it to anybody as you will surely never see the Beetle again!

iPhone Desktop Phone - $22

This is for all of those Apple addicts out in ‘officeland’, and it really is a winning gadget with some practicality to boot! You simply dock your iPhone into the cradle and it allows you to use the retro handset as if you were using a landline device. You can use the device for searching or updating as you speak into the phone device. It looks exactly like a real phone and will never slip away thanks to the cool rubber grip attached to the base. This will also charge your iPhone whilst you are working away. We love this gadget and think that you will soon be the coolest individual in your office if you decide to get one for yourself!

Impressed? We Are!

There you have it, 3 very different but equally charming gadgets for your office desk. Why not buy all three and watch your popularity soar!

Author Bio:

Today’s feature writer, Alfred Atkinson is a part of the team at print Three, one of the leading postcard printing services in Toronto. He is a frequent blogger and regularly writes about the most innovative apps and gadgets that make your social and business life a lot easier.
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