DIY Gadgets That Will Make Your Neighbours Greener Than A Very Green Thing

Be honest, when was the last time that you upgraded any of your DIY tools? Surely some of them must be well past their ‘sell by’ date? If you are in need of a little inspiration for your next home improvement project, why not think about adding a little bling to that dusty old tool case? There have been some very cool gadgets making their way into DIY-land recently and we believe a few of these are exactly what the doctor ordered. Why not sit back for a few minutes and check out some of the better ones currently available?

Tool Tank Multi Tool - $20

On first inspection, this comes across as a little toy that doubles up as a key ring. But the Tool Tank Multi-Tool is actually a very capable piece of engineering! The tank like kit includes 3 screwdriver heads that feature a large and small Philips head and a classic flat screwdriver head. The tool itself is very adaptable and you will soon be looking for extra screw related work just to test this bad boy out on! If you use it as a key ring, you will never again be stuck for a screwdriver when you really need one. A fun but useful gadget that every aspiring home improvement fan will love!

Versatile 7 LED Light - $20

This cool torch will certainly sound the death knell for your shabby old flashlight! It has so much more to offer and you will wonder how on earth you managed before this beauty entered your life! The torch is available in either black or white and each version has 7 ultra-bright LED bulbs that really throw some light on any dark subject! You even have a handy hook at one end to enable you to get on with your work whilst the Versatile 7 illuminates the whole room. The other great feature is the magnetic base that allows you another option for any static work you need some help with. There are two light intensity settings and the gadget runs off 3 AAA batteries for an absolute age. We love this torch and believe you will soon feel the same way!

Kelvin.23 Hand Tool Kit - $25

The last of our DIY gadgets is certainly not the least as it has a huge array of very useful features. There are a whopping 23 different tools included in this very portable little powerhouse. Each one is very highly engineered and you can carry this baby around in your pocket! There are 16 different screwdriver bits included, a neat little hammer, a Spirit Level, a LED lights and many more extremely useful home improvement champions. We’re not suggesting that the Kelvin.23 will replace your current tool box but it will certainly give it a huge dose of street credibility. It is an awesome feat of creativity that enabled the creators to fir so many fine tools in such a small package. We think that the Kelvin.23 will soon be in every home, and if not, we want to know why?

Are Your Neighbours Jealous Yet?

All 3 of these gadgets will have pride of place in any self-respecting home improvement fan’s tool box, so hurry up before they all sell out!

Author Bio:

Today’s guest blogger, William Levis, is an interior designer for New York City Blinds, a firm that specializes in electric window treatments in Manhattan. After a hard day at work, he unwinds himself by watching science fiction movies.

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