If You Need An Affordable Heating Solution, Then Check Out These Four Ceramic Heaters

Heating an entire home can be costly, and the winter months usually coincide with some of the most expensive energy rates. In many cases, we may wish to warm up an individual room or small area rather than utilising the full power of a central heating system, and thankfully, advances in technology are making that increasingly possible. Ceramic heaters can be one of the most effective and energy efficient ways to warm a small space while maintaining safety and convenience. Below, we will be discussing four different ceramic heaters that are cost effective and reliable performers in their category.

Sunpentown SH-1960B Ceramic Tower

This 28-inch tall powerhouse provides an array of convenient features for home owners as they seek a warm, effective solution to their energy needs in the winter. Featuring a digital thermostat with LCD display, the Sunpentown SH-1960B delivers a consistent amount of heat as it quietly runs in the background. With a safety switch that deactivates the unit if tipped over and four modes of air distribution, achieving the perfect climate in your bedroom, living room or office is a reality. Starting at $85, the Sunpentown SH-1960B Ceramic Tower can be found at Target and through select online retailers.

Air King 13” Oscillating Space Heater

Designed for use in areas of 250 square feet or less, the Air King Oscillating Space Heater provides ample heating for any small office or room. With three speeds through which it distributes heat – high heat, low heat and the automatic fan – warm-blooded and cold-blooded people alike will find a setting that provides the best climate for them. The timer feature allows users to program a desired heating plan for a period of time ranging from 30 minutes to 7 hours. A compact solution that will fit just about anywhere, the Air King 13” Oscillating Space Heater can be purchased for approximately $70 online and in select stores.

Honeywell HZ-385BP Ceramic Heater

A trusted name in home electronics and climate solutions, the Honeywell name elicits a sense of quality when it comes to its products. The Honeywell HZ-385BP is no different: it offers an array of intuitive features such as a tip-over switch, proximity cut-off (when an object finds itself too close to the heater) and a timer to automatically deactivate the unit after a period of time. There is even an indicator on the front of the heater that alerts users when the grille is hot, helping even the clumsiest among us avoid unnecessary injuries. Starting at $75, this compact Honeywell heater can be found at Walmart, Newegg and other select online retailers.

Holmes Ultra Quiet Twin Ceramic Heater

One of the quietest ceramic heaters available, the Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater offers stationary heat from two powerful ceramic heating elements included in its design. With two modes of operation, users can opt for energy efficiency (750W) or maximum heat (1500W) while benefiting from its compact design (15” x 8” x 8”). If something comes too close to the unit, it will deactivate – and the same goes for any mishaps that may cause the unit to fall on its side. For approximately $75, the Holmes Ceramic Heater makes a great addition to a small office or home environment.

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Today's guest author, Marlon Andrew, is a technician in Constant Home Comfort, a dealer of Carrierair conditioners in Toronto, Canada. He is an ace pianist and plays the piano in various restaurants in his spare time.
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