The Difference Between Google Search and Facebook Search

Facebook has always developed exciting new features. One of its latest innovations is the „facebook search”, which isn't trying to out-rank Google searches, but rather provide a different type of search with the help of ingenious parameters. We will try to explain to you exactly how this new function works.

First of all, you should understand that this service is extremely unique. With regular search engines you can find pages, which have higher ranks according to their SEO value and popularity. The facebook searches rank other types of things like restaurants, places or photos, with the help of likes and shares. Moreover, facebook will not only show you results that are ranked higher due to their page value. It ranks things that are relevant to your circle. For example, it can show you pubs that your friends like, or places that are close to you. Here are a few examples of what this social media can find for you:

- Photos of friends that live in a certain place
- People who know people that work in a certain company
- Songs or clips that your acquaintances know or like
- Particular features of certain industries

This sounds very exciting, because it has the power revolutionize the term of „search” which may become very useful for people who value the opinion of their friends. To be honest, most people I know value the opinion of their friends. Let's say you have to go to the doctor. You are more likely to go to a doctor that a friend recommended because he can voice his personal opinion about him. The same rule applies to services, companies and places. The only problem is if the desired product has created a presence on Facebook. Moreover, it depends if its profile has likes and reactions, because without these two elements, the search will be rendered useless.

Another interesting aspect of facebook search is that you can filter your searches according to what your friends like. This means that your results will be different every time you enter a new parameter. Any online agency can tell you that this is an icebreaker in the world of search engines.
The uniqueness of this feature is the fact that you can get personalized answers. There are certain things that you simply can't find on Google, because it is too objective. Certain things like movies, TV shows and books depend on personal taste, and it is up to you to filter these tastes.

The truth is that this feature looks really good in demos, because it is presented by a person who is very connected to social media, but there are a lot of people who aren't very active on facebook. They have nothing to offer, because they probably didn't like their dentist or plumber. In other words, even if you liked something, you may not have liked it on facebook, and as such it may still be invisible for other users.

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Paul has always talked about the power of social media. As a SEO specialist and blogger, he has already seen how human reactions can impact the overall value of a website. Moreover, he considers that an online agency can significantly improve your social media engagement.
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