An Invasion of Boring, Review of „The Host”

Twilight lovers, brace yourselves! Stephanie Meyer has returned with yet another fantasy romantic book which has been translated into what we believe to be a boring movie about „polite” aliens and fake romances. To be honest we don't believe that there are many chances for „The Host” to capture the hearts of many viewers or become a franchise the way the „Twilight Saga” did. Although the director made great efforts to make the movie enjoyable, there is little he could do with the childish story-line.

First of all there are several similarities between movies (Twilight and The Host). The female protagonist is a painfully self-sacrificing masochist, with a distinctive eye color, with no special qualities, who falls in love with a pretty boy. The unique thing is that we don't have the typical two person relationship, but some sort of a threesome because Melanie’s mind is occupied by an alien called Wanderer. The truth is that there is actually an interesting concept in the movie, but the end result seems more like a draft of something that could have been. In other words what was most interesting about the movie was treated superficially and set aside in the favor of love and a predictable happy ending. Although it is not the most brilliant movie, for those who are interested in Sci-Fi stories, it can be enjoyable. It might not be worth going to the cinema, but check out some of the Time Warner Cable Offers and maybe download it in HD quality, because the effects are actually nice.

The plot-line is basically about Melanie, her younger brother and her boyfriend who tries to run away from an invading alien species called „Souls”. The Soul's goal is capture Earth in a weird way. They take over the body of humans, and transform them into polite, decent and clean creatures. One of the many things we didn't like was the shallow approach on Diane Kruger's character, a Seeker who has the purpose of eliminating any human resistance. There is actually a conflict between the seemingly peaceful alien race and this Nazi Seeker, who although has an explanation for her behavior, is not treated in a satisfying manner.  

Instead of concentrating on what could have become an fascinating story about how people are irresponsible and being controlled by a superior race could change the world, the movie revolves around the adolescent struggles of a regular girl. Not only does she have to deal with the changes which come with age, but she has to do it while her soul is sucked by one of the space invaders.

All in all we believe that this is nothing more than an extravagant Sci-Fi soap-opera which lacks the depth of decent fantasy movie. Some actually consider that it might be the movie that will seal the coffin for any of Meyer's following books, and if it will indeed be a hit in the box-office it will be because of all the Twilight fanatics. 
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