Newbie E-Cig Maintenance Tips for Batteries, Cartridges, and Atomizers

Older models of electronic cigarettes, as most vapers will already know, comprise three constituent elements: the battery, the cartridge which is filled with e-liquid, and the atomizer, which is, in a certain sense, the ‘engine’ of the electronic cigarette – it works to heat up the liquid and turn it into vapor. While nowadays most vapers with some experience under their belt recommend that newbies buy electronic cigarettes made up of two, instead of three elements, the fact of the matter remains that these older models are still around and in use.

The problem intervenes when a vaper will give up their habit altogether because of a malfunction with either one of the three components listed above. Not only are electronic cigarettes devices just like any other (i.e., with a lifespan and requiring regular maintenance), but most often than not, troubleshooting an electronic cigarette is simpler than you may imagine. Here are some valuable tips for properly maintaining your three element e-cig.

Know Your Batteries
Remember that rechargeable batteries do not last forever. They come with a pre-determined lifespan, which is further influenced by how often and how thoroughly the battery is charged. It’s also very important to know that using your accumulator batteries with chargers that are not the exact same make might shorten the battery life, or even result in permanent damage to the battery. Always check chargers for compatibility before purchase. Last, but certainly not least, e-cig batteries literally switch on and off, whenever the vaper draws in from their device. This is achieved via a microscopic switch, which can malfunction, either for mechanical causes, from debris, or for any number of other reasons. The battery micro switch can be dislodged by very gently tapping the battery to a hard surface. If this doesn’t fix the issue, it might be time to get a new battery.

Cartridges will wear out

Since cartridges are made of polyester, which gets heated up when the e-liquid is turned into vapor, they, too, will expire after a given number of refills. Check with your e-cig producer to know what the maximum allowed number of refills is: it’s usually ten or fifteen. Make sure you don’t overfill the cartridge, but don’t allow it to dry out entirely either. Replace your cartridge if you feel a strange taste in your mouth from vaping with your regular e-liquid.

Different atomizers, different experiences

When it comes to atomizers, there is a lot of variety at play. Pro vapers recommend that you don’t use two differently flavored e-liquids with the same atomizer, since this might come to alter the taste of the vaping experience. Atomizers also greatly rely on being kept moist most of the time, in order to avoid a burn-out. The best tip for atomizers is to remove them and gently blow into them, to clear out any debris. Do this as often as you can – preferably once a week.
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