What Type Of Mobile Phone User Are You?

Constant, frequent or occasional? Addicted to your phone or just big on social interaction?

The constant user

If you fit into this category then you’ll probably send at least five text messages, update your Facebook status twice, tweak your LinkedIn profile and tweet four times whilst reading this article. But that’s okay as you’re not alone. It’s become second nature for us to punctuate everyday events by texting, tweeting and relaying their occurrence on social networking sites.
Constant users have a very responsive relationship with their mobile phone. They will drop everything, including leaving your words hanging in the air, to attend to their mobile’s indicative beeps and chirps. They can’t help themselves as that beep signals a message and it’s as strong as the call of the wild is to animals. But don’t worry their distraction will only last a minute or so and you’ll have their undivided attention again. Well until the next beep at least. And you should probably cut your losses if they are responding to the love of their life. They have effectively ‘left the building’ as far as you are concerned.

The frequent user

This is the happy medium. If this is you then you are in harmony with your phone but don’t let it dictate your every move. Frequent users do not need to be surgically removed from their phones, but do utilise their mobile’s features to maximise social interaction. They will respond to texts and pick up calls, but only if it’s convenient and at an appropriate time to do so. These guys don’t fiddle with their phones at the dinner table, in the middle of a meeting or during a conversation. Updating their Facebook status is not an on-the-hour duty, more an occasional treat. No these people still consider others as slightly more important than their phones.

The occasional user

This category is a comfortable ‘box’ for some of the older generation and technophobes to be in. These guys have mobile phones but do not consider them a necessity and may not even like them. Shock horror. These people tend to keep their phones switched off. This is of course great for utilising the battery power but not so great for those wanting to contact them. For instance, trying to contact someone you’re meeting to say you’re running late is when the mobile phone really comes into its own. Not with an occasional user. No because their phone is switched off. There’s no point trying to reason with these guys about the merits of a constantly switched on phone. No if they need to use it whilst out and about, then they’ll switch it on and not before thank you very much.

Whatever category you fit into, Mobile Phone Insurance is a great way to ensure your phone is protected against damage, loss or theft. If you’re a constant mobile phone user, insurance will mean your new replacement phone will be winging its way to you within 48 hours.

Author Bio:
Rob Rudd enjoys open water swimming when the weather permits, which isn't very often in the United Kingdom. He also enjoys writing, especially on his favourite topic of technology and gadgetry. One of these days he is going to master graphical design too.
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