Make Your Apartment Life Fab With These Great Gadgets

Trends show us that an ever increasing number of people are flocking to cities in pursuit of a higher standard of living, better job opportunities and more active social lives. One reason people are not flocking to the cities is the lack of space most urban apartment situations offer. Living in an apartment can be a quaint or crowded experience, depending on your outlook. Fortunately, technology is taking some of our favourite things and making them smaller and more efficient, leaving us with more space for necessary items. Below, we'll outline four great gadgets that will revive that drab apartment without taking up heaps of space.

Vers Audio Bluetooth Sound System

Wires can be a nightmare in a cramped apartment, so why not ditch them and upgrade to the latest in wireless audio? The Vers Audio Bluetooth Sound System ($200, Amazon) can be a great way to leave behind the bulky sub-woofers while still enjoying premium sound. Measuring just 3 x 6 x 3 inches, this 12 ounce sonic blast from the future can be connected to any Bluetooth compatible device to pump rich, quality sound throughout the apartment – just don't disturb the neighbours too much. For those who like to coordinate, the exterior comes in three wood flavours – Bamboo, Natural Beech and Walnut.


Cramming a huge television into a tiny apartment is counter-intuitive: rather than wasting that money, consider purchasing a more reasonably sized powerhouse like the LG 42LS3400 LED HDTV. For less than $500, you can pick up this beauty, which displays any and all programming in crisp, 1080p resolution. Using about 30% less energy than a traditional HDTV, this Energy Star appliance will not only help keep your utility bills low, but will also be the centre of your multimedia experience around the apartment. With HDMI and USB ports included, you'll have no problem streaming movies and videos from your laptop or tablet directly to the LG TV.

PlayStation 3

While not everyone enjoys gaming, the average apartment dweller is a young professional who appreciates after-hours relaxation at home. What better way to do so than through a video game console like the PlayStation 3? The 250 GB family entertainment bundle ($249) comes with two very popular titles: Ratchet and Clank & PlayStation All-Stars, making game time with friends a (friendly) blood sport. Best of all, the PlayStation 3 can serve as a multimedia station. If you go by our recommendation and get both this and the Vers Audio system mentioned above, you'll be able to connect the two to enjoy premium sound and premium gaming.

Brother Compact Laser Printer

Printers have long been known for their heft and bulkiness, but vast improvements in both printing and design have allowed concepts like the Brother HL-2270DW to make significant strides in eliminating these concerns. Priced at just $95, the Brother laser printer can use both wireless and Ethernet interfaces to print up to 27 pages per minute, and holds 250 sheets of paper. Measuring just 12 x 14 inches, situating the printer in a small apartment is no longer a cumbersome hassle, but merely an afterthought.

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