7 Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing remains a hot topic as it continues to reach new heights and expand into new industries. More companies are adopting this technology for several reasons. This post will explain seven of the main benefits of cloud computing technology.

1.   Cloud Computing was built for growth. Let’s say you need 10 times the number of computer systems you currently have, what do you do? Cloud computing is one of the best ways to accommodate such growth. By simply providing the required systems over a virtual network, instead of a physical platform, companies can provide the software and tools to an unlimited number of employees, as they need them.

2.   Need more features? Just add them on! Another reason cloud computing has gained momentum is because it is minimalizing additional costs by making computers, including servers and desktop machines, become simple features. The only thing a company needs to do to add on new features is login and add them. It’s as simple as that!

3.   Cloud Computing facilitates new ideas. Due to the immense flexibility and customization that the cloud offers, new ideas and systems can be born. This is especially beneficial when a company has a unique system or company structure to support. Along these same lines, the cloud offers automatic software integration which will make customization even easier.

4.   Want more control over your company’s systems? The cloud can offer this, too. With all of your employees data on file and easily accessible, key players can access files and other important data from one central location. This ability has many benefits, including security when an employee goes a-wall.

5.   Why buy when you can rent? One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing technology is that companies don’t need to pay for expensive hardware and software. Instead, they can pay only for what they need and will use. This pay as you use platform has attracted many organizations to adopt cloud computing technology.

6.   Want enough storage to last you a life time? The cloud can deliver! If there is one thing you can get with the cloud it’s a lot of storage. And again, you only pay for what you use. When you’re talking about large scale use, wasted storage space can be a huge expense and the cloud can offer a better way of near endless storage.

7.   Backup and recovery is the final benefit of cloud computing for this post. While you can store your data on physical machines, the cloud offers another secure method for backup. Additionally, most cloud service providers can also provide you with adequate data recovery to make the entire process much simpler.

If you are wondering whether cloud services are for you, you can stop wondering. Whether you are a small business or a very large corporation, the cloud offers solutions that can increase efficiency and adaptability to any organization. You may have even heard about Adobe and how they are moving their entire Photoshop platform over to the cloud and just charging a monthly fee for their entire creative suite. This should give you an idea as to some of the creative and beneficial ways companies are using the cloud.

Author Bio:
Greg Lopez is a tech analyst from Sacremento, CA who enjoys following the development of cloud technology and blogging about his findings. Greg is a member of the Cloud Computing Association and advocates the use of cloud technology.
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