Illuminate Your Living Space - Four Great Lighting Gadgets For Use In The Home

Ambiance is everything, and there's nothing better to spice up your home's environment than the right type of lighting. With so many options – lamps, wall-mounted fixtures, ceiling lights – it can be hard to choose the right type of fixture, let alone the perfect wattage or hue. While we cannot help you with wattage or brightness, there are some great lighting gadgets out there that can take the ease out of installing complicated fixtures or dealing with bulky table lamps. Below, we've outlined four great lighting gadgets that anyone in the home will love and that will add a kick to the vibe of any room.

Multi-Color LED Lighting Kit

Why settle for one form of lighting when you can have dozens of unique colours on demand? The Multi-Color LED Lighting Kit ($44.99) is a versatile LED strip that comes with a remote control designed to give you total control over the mood of a room. Installation is simple, taking only a few minutes, and the LED lights are guaranteed to last for 50,000 hours. Simply adhere to the wall, connect the power source and you are ready to go! With 15 different colours to choose from, plus an array of transitional settings, you can rest assured that your living room or bedroom will always have a dynamic glow.

Jellyfish2 Color Lamp

This glowing lamp mimics the look of a Jellyfish, and likewise gives off a phosphorescent glow that turns any drab room into a vibrant sanctuary. In many respects, this is just like your very own colour wheel: with over 16,000,000 colours to choose from, you will never cease to find a glow that suits your mood. If a swirl of colour is more to your liking, you can even set it to oscillate between various colours to keep yourself and those around you mesmerized. The Jellyfish2 Color Lamp ($79.99) is designed to attach to any wall and was the winner of the 2010 Red Dot Design Award for its innovation.

Color-Change LED Candle Set

If a lamp is not in your taste, then the Color-Change LED Candle Set ($29.99) may be right up your alley. Featuring all the coolness of real candles without the smoke, fire and danger, these awesome toys can be programmed to display up to twelve different colours in a steady or rotating fashion. The candles themselves generate a pleasant scent of vanilla throughout the room while being powered off of AAA batteries. The included remote makes activating the trio simple and effortless: perhaps one of the best no-tangle, no-mess lighting solutions available.

LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti

Magnets that light up? Sounds cool, right? The LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti package gives you unfettered access to lighting in places where it might not otherwise be possible. Included are 20 LED lights with magnetic strips and batteries attached, allowing them to be slapped onto any ferrous surface you can imagine. The lights will glow for up to 48 hours before running out of juice, but at just $12.99, they make a great gift for someone who enjoys pretty, shiny things.

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